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New Jersey: detainees on hunger strike

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    NJ detainees on hunger strike NJCRDC: Demand that Hunger Striker Nigel Maccado Be Taken to Hospital Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2003 14:33:47 -0400 From: Greg Pason
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2003
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      NJ detainees on hunger strike
      NJCRDC: Demand that Hunger Striker Nigel Maccado Be Taken to Hospital
      Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2003 14:33:47 -0400
      From: Greg Pason <gpason@...>

      Demand That Hunger Striker Nigel Maccado Be Taken to a Hospital!
      Please call Passaic County Jail NOW! (973) 881-4591
      Please circulate widely!

      Detainee Nigel Maccado (A#21-098-333) at the Passaic County Jail has
      been on a hunger strike since June 18, 2003. This is a hunger strike to
      protest his detention and possible deportation and to expose the
      injustice of all the immigrant detentions. Today is the 52nd day of
      Nigel's hunger strike. He is now unable to get out of bed without having
      fainting spells, falling and hitting his head. He cannot stand without
      falling and is passing out 4 or 5 times per day. Nigel, who has a heart
      condition, is in dire need of medical treatment. The doctor and nurse at
      the jail are denying him medical treatment, on the grounds that "you are
      trying to kill yourself anyway."

      Nigel must be hospitalized and receive proper medical care that is not
      available to him at Passaic County Jail.

      Update from jail visit on Wednesday 8/6/03) (as reported by Jeannette
      Gabriel after visiting Nigel)

      I am deeply shocked by the visit I had with Nigel last night, he is very
      very ill and must be moved immediately. Please pass this note to other
      lists, to everyone you know, this is incredibly URGENT!!! Nigel's pupils
      are huge, you can't see his irises because his eyes are so dilated. His
      eyes are so bloodshot that his eyes appear to be black and red. I asked
      him to stand up and he was unable to do so without holding onto the wall,
      as soon as he let go of the wall he began to sway and tip over. He said
      that he is terribly weak and is passing out about 4 or 5 times a day. He
      is begging the medical authorities at the jail to see a heart specialist
      and they are ignoring his requests. Nigel showed me a picture of what he
      looked like before the hunger strike began and I couldn't believe it was
      the same person. The deep deep circles under his eyes and his hollowed out
      faces are an indication of the toll the hunger strike is taking. Today is
      Nigel's 50th day on a liquid diet -- 50 days!!! Nigel's burning black and
      red eyes are haunting me, we all are responsible for this man's life.
      Please help me fight for Nigel's life. Please call the jail today, please
      have everyone you know call the jail. We cannot stop until Nigel is in the
      hospital, please please don't let Nigel down. He is fighting for himself,
      for all the detainees and for all of us.

      Nigel Maccado, an immigrant from India, like all the other thousands of
      immigrant "detainees" is not charged with any crime, yet he has been
      imprisoned for 21 months without charge or trial. Without any other
      hope, Nigel has taken the desperate measure of a hunger strike to
      protest his unjust imprisonment. He has been joined in this hunger
      strike for the past 39 days by Hemnauth Mohabir, an immigrant from
      Guyana and fellow detainee at Passaic County Jail. Hemnauth, a permanent
      resident, has now been imprisoned for 16 months.

      These innocent immigrants' courageous hunger strike is on behalf of all
      those detainees who have been imprisoned, deprived of their liberty and
      basic rights by the "Department of Homeland Security". They are also
      striking for all of us. When any can be imprisoned without charge or
      trial, none of us are "secure". Don't let Nigel pay with his life for
      this brave stand. Demand that he be sent to a hospital NOW!
      New Jersey Civil Rights Defense Committee

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