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Support Maclovio Rojas (English) 

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    Support Maclovio Rojas (English)  Date: 5/11/2003 4:06:08 PM Pacific Standard Time From: CR2CEL@aol.com Members of the
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      Support Maclovio Rojas (English) 
      Date: 5/11/2003 4:06:08 PM Pacific Standard Time
      From: CR2CEL@...

      Members of the Latin American Society, advisors Don and Marjorie Bray of
      Latin American Studies; students from  Prof. Michele Ladd (Liberal Studies) 
      and Prof. Ester Hernandez (Chicano Studies) visited this weekend the
      autonomous community of Maclovio Rojas in Tijuana, toured an abandoned
      maquiladora that left an environmental disaster behind and drove by the many
      industrial parks in Otay.  During our visit  we had the opportunity of
      learning from members of the community how Maclovio Rojas came to be.  Their
      story and their struggle is compeling. On behalf of the people of this
      community, please read on. 

      Celia Simonds-Hidalgo
      Latin American Studies
      Public Programs Coordinator

      The people of Maclovio Rojas need our support.

             Barbara Flynn, Puentes de Amistad


      Dear Friends,

      The people of Maclovio Rojas need our support. This struggling community on
      the outskirts of Tijuana was founded by landless agricultural workers in
      1988, with the hope of using cooperative effort to provide better
      opportunities for education, economic self-sufficiency and health and human
      services for its members. Many of you who receive this have spent time there
      and met the inspiring leaders who are genuinely committed to these ideals.

      Unfortunately, government agencies have often denied them the support and
      services they are entitled to. Under the current right-wing PAN party
      control, they are suffering what we believe to be politically motivated

      Arrest warrants have been issued for Maclovio leaders Hortensia Hernandez,
      Artemio Osuna Osuna, Nicolasa Ramos, Juan Regalado and Ruben Garcia Rocha on
      contrived charges. Nicolasa Ramos has been held in the state penitenciary
      without bail since December 4. The others are in hiding to avoid arrest.
      While they are unavailable, officials are pressuring the community to give up
      legitimate rights.

      Please take a moment to give your support:

        1.  Copy and paste the email below or compose one of your own to Governor
      Eugenio Elorduy gobernador@... and a copy to President Vicente Fox 
      ciudadano@...  (There is no need to write in Spanish.)

        2.  Copy and paste this message into your own new mail and send to all who
      might help. A deluge of letters can make a difference. (If you forward this
      as is, please delete the addresses of the prior recipients.)

        3.  Please reply to this message with "Sent (date)" in the subject line so
      that we can keep track of the response.


          Barbara Flynn

          Puentes de Amistad

        "When the people lead, the leaders will follow."

      Dear Governor Elorduy:

      I am writing to express my concern about the present situation in the

      community of Maclovio Rojas Marquez.  As you may be aware, arrest warrants

      have been issued for community leaders Hortensia Hernandez, Artemio Osuna,

      Nicolasa Ramos, Juan Regalado and Ruben Garcia. They are charged with

      "stealing water".  Nicolasa Ramos was arrested on December 4, 2002 and is

      still being held in the La Mesa State Penitentiary without bail.

      The community of Maclovio Rojas is an inspiration for many of us in the

      United States. They are a model for how low-income communities can organize

      to face economic challenges. They are developing their community through

      their own limited resources, determination, local community organizing

      efforts, and networking with international organizations such as the Ford

      Foundation, Border Arts Workshop, Puentes de Amistad, Waljo'k Foundation, The

      American Friends Service Committee, InSITE, and Global Exchange, among

      others. Through these efforts they have succeeded in building schools, a

      sports field, a women's center with a child care program, a community arts

      center, and several neighborhood meeting halls. The leaders of the community

      of Maclovio Rojas are honorable individuals who are genuinely committed to

      bettering the lives of the members of their community. They deserve your

      support and encouragement.

      I feel that the current arrest warrants served on Maclovio Rojas' community

      leaders are unjust.  While it is true that the community has relied for

      several years on water taken directly from the aqueduct, there is a

      decades-long history of ranchers and others in the area using the aqueduct

      water long before Maclovio Rojas was even founded.  It is my understanding

      that currently, in addition to local ranchers, the police academy on the west

      side and the public elementary school on the east side of Maclovio Rojas are

      connected to the aqueduct for their water supply. Moreover, on many occasions

      the community of Maclovio Rojas has petitioned the State government to

      provide them with running water. This petition has been approved by the State

      Commission of Public Services, but the implementation of it has been delayed

      for several years.  Connecting to the aqueduct was a temporary measure taken

      by the entire community as an interim solution to alleviate their water

      problem.  It is not fair to single out a few individuals for the collective

      action of an entire community.

      I understand that there are many other important issues that need to be

      resolved between government agencies and the community of Maclovio Rojas. I

      encourage the government of Baja California to seek a solution with the

      community through negotiations with the legitimate leaders of that community:

      Hortensia Hernandez, Artemio Osuna, Nicolasa Ramos, and Ruben Garcia.

      Please take action to cancel the arrest warrants and free Nicolasa Ramos so

      that these leaders may represent their community at the negotiating table.

      Thank you for your consideration.


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