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USA: Immigrant Detention Action Alert

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    Immigrant Detention Action Alert 4/29/03   Date: 5/2/2003 4:01:28 AM Pacific Daylight Time From: nicajg@panix.com
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2003
      Immigrant Detention Action Alert 4/29/03  
      Date: 5/2/2003 4:01:28 AM Pacific Daylight Time
      From: nicajg@...

      Immigrant Detention: Action Alert
      Advocating on behalf of immigrants currently held in detention

      April 29, 2003

      In this Action Alert:

      1.    Mutefa Alrubiem, Qatari detainee must be released
      2.    Release Nigel Maccado from Custody!
      3.    Punished for being Palestinian? Release Farouk Abdel-Muhti
      4.    Six years in detention? Release Gavin Lawrence!
      5.    Passaic County Jail -Use of Dogs Ceases, but Food Worsens - Hunger
          Strike now on!
      6.    Rotten Food for Detainees? Major Complaints at Wackenhut Facility
      7.    La Casa Shelter for Pakistani and Egyptian Asylum Seekers fleeing
          the US need help
      8.    A note for unaffected communities
      9.    Know Your Rights
      10.    Action Team Training May 13th
      11.     Contribute to the Emergency Family and Legal Fund

      Remember! - This information is intended to be used solely to support
      these cases through contacting the authorities. If you intend to use this
      information for any other purpose, please contact the case contact person.

      1. Mutesa Rubiemi, Qatari detainee must be released

      Mr. Mutefa Rubiem (A# 95 956 854), a Qatari detainee at Passaic County
      Jail has been verbally and physically abused on numerous occasions. One
      beating resulted in a major head wound. In response to pressure he has now
      received medical attention, but went on hunger strike for four days in
      protest of his treatment. He is now eating, but is severly depressed. Kept
      in a psychiatric unit, he has been unable to receive any visits for over
      three weeks. He is being given various pills, but has not been informed as
      to their content. His family has not received any information from the
      deportation officer for over a month. There has been no movement on his
      case, and Mr. Rubliem must be released.

      Please, call Deportation Officer Chung at 973-645-3666 x5020 and the
      Warden of Passaic County Jail, Charles Meyers, at  973-881-4620 (fax
      973-881-2485) and ask that his family be given visits and information,
      that he receive adequate medical information., and that he be released

      For more infomation, please call Supriya at 718-205-3036.

      2. Release Nigel Maccado from Custody!

      Nigel Maccado (A#21-098-333), has not been in India since 1974, but may be
      deported there shortly. He has been in immigration custody since November
      2001, but has appealed his final deportation order because he fears
      torture if he returns to India. As a Roman Catholic, he has reason to fear
      for his safety as there have been well-documented attacks on Christians in
      recent years. He has been waiting since December 2001 for a decision on
      his appeal. He and his family in the US need an answer. Write to his
      congressman and ask that he enquire about the decision to the Office of
      the Clerk.

      For more information contact: Supriya 718-205-3036

      Congressman Steny Hoyer
      1705 Longworth Office Building
      Washington DC 20515
      Fax 202-225-4300

      Office of the Clerk
      Board of Immigration Appeals
      5201 Leesburg Pike, Ste 1300
      Falls Church, VA 22041

      3. A year in detention - Release Farouk Abdel-Muhti Now!

      In February 2003, Farouk Abdel-Muhti was moved to York Pennsylvania,
      delaying his case by months and making it more difficult for his legal

      Last April, Farouk Abdel-Muhti A 21 063 913 was arrested by the Absconder
      Task Force at his home. The well-known Palestinian rights activist was
      then detained by the INS on the basis of an outstanding deportation order
      from 1995 (issued while Farouk was in the hospital)

      Since that time a habeas petition has been filed. The petition alleged
      that Farouk is a stateless Palestinian who cannot be deported and that his
      continued detention for deportation since Apr. 26 2002 is therefore
      unlawful and goes against the Supreme Court's decision in Zadvydas v.
      Davis setting six months as a reasonable time to effect a deportation.
      From the beginning the INS has claimed that Farouk's case is just a
      standard detention and has nothing to do with his political activism. His
      Defense committee holds that Farouk's detention is just part of a wider
      effort to repress activism as resistance grows to the current
      administration's illegal war policies and its failed economic policies.

      ·    Contact INS Assistant Commissioner for Detention David J.
      Venturella and politely but firmly demand Farouk be returned to the New
      York area and be released. You can reach Venturella at INS, (address

      ·    Join the weekly vigils Fridays at the INS office at 26 Federal
      Plaza 12 noon, Broadway and Worth, Manhattan (4/5/6 to City Hall/Brooklyn
      Bridge walk west and north, N/R/Q/W to Canal, walk west and south)

      For more information contact: Mac, 646-489-4375 or Committee for the
      Release of Farouk, 212-674-9499

      4. Six years in detention? Release Gavin Lawrence!

      Gavin Lawrence (A#74 973 221), a detainee of Jamaican descent has been
      held in immigration custody since August 1996 because the INS has been
      unable to receive permission to deport him. Although required to hold a
      custody review after six months of detention, a review was not completed
      until 2000. A second review found him neither a flight risk, nor a risk to
      the community, the only viable reasons for refusing release. This
      continued detention is contrary to INS policy and the Supreme Court
      decision in Zadvydas that mandates release in undeportable cases after six
      months. Please write to the office of the Inspector General and demand a
      formal investigation into his continued detention.

      Office of the Inspector General
      Investigations Division
      US Department of Justice
      950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 4706
      Washington, DC 20536-0001

      For more information contact: Mac 646-489-4375

      5. Passaic County Jail -Use of Dogs Ceases, but Food Worsens - Hunger
      Strike now on!

      Detainees in Passaic County Jail  detail physical and verbal abuse by
      correctional officers including beatings, slamming against walls, having
      legal materials dumped in water, bringing in police dogs in the middle of
      the night, and the use of anti-immigrant language. In response to a series
      of violent incidents, 8 detainees went on hunger strike for almost a week
      in March. During this hunger strike, Sgt. DiFranco and others reportedly
      physically and verbally abused the detainees.

      In response to pressure, the use of the dogs has ended, and beatings have
      ceased in one cell block, but abuse continues. On April 28, 2003 Mohabir
      Hemnauth A#44267779 went on hunger strike in response to worsening food,
      particularly for vegetarians. His demands are that he be moved to Hudson
      County Jail, that adequate protein be provided in the vegetarian food, and
      that the beatings and abuse in Passaic cease.

      The Campaign to Stop the Disappearances is calling for all concerned
      individuals to call or fax Warden Charles Meyers at Passaic County jail
      and the District Director and ask that the concerns be addressed.

      Warden Charles Meyers
      Passaic County Jail
      Ph - 973-881-4620
      Fax - 973-881-2485

      Demetrios Georgakoupolos
      District Director, BICE
      Ph - 973 645 2240
      Fax - 973 622 7338

      For more information contact Supriya at 718-205-3036

      6. Rotten Food for Detainees? Major Complaints at Wackenhut Facility

      On April 29, 2003, detainees at the Wackenhut facility in Queens, NY
      reported that in recent weeks they had received milk past its expiration
      date, mysterious green substances in food, and cockroaches in the cereal.
      Detainees are concerned about the health impacts of such food, and ask
      that supporters make complaints and investigations to:

      Warden Ronald Nardolillo
      PHONE - 718-553-5420 FAX-  718-553-5426

      7. La Casa Shelter for Pakistani and Egyptian Asylum Seekers fleeing the
      US needs help

      Vive, Inc. is a non-profit organization that runs La Casa, the only
      homeless shelter in Western New York for asylum seekers. Since
      mid-December 2002, Vive has experienced a large influx of asylum seekers
      wishing to make a refugee claim in Canada.  Most are Pakistani and
      Egyptian, and afraid to register with the US government, as they fear they
      will be deported back to their countries of origin, from which they fled.
      Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Canada has failed to respond to the
      crisis by putting more resources on the border, and asylum seekers are now
      waiting up to 6 weeks for an appointment.

      Vive is trying to keep up with the influx and the backlogs and continue
      making appointments for people at the Canadian border, while housing the
      most vulnerable. They have had to put on extra staff members to process
      the incresed numbers. They have had additional costs in food and supplies.
      They are in need of donations of toiletries and cleaning supplies, but
      most needed are funds to cover our increased costs and to allow them to
      continue to serve this vulnerable population for as long as they needed.

      To make a donation
      Vive: An Organization for World Refugees
      50 Wyoming Avenue
      Buffalo, NY 14215
      TEL: (716) 892-4354, ext. 24
      FAX: (716) 892-6191

      Monday, May 13th, 6:30-8 pm

      Training for groups of about 5 people who call & fax the INS (now the
      BICE), every weekday for 2 weeks of every month to focused pressure to
      meet demands of detainees & their families. Teams work w/Desis Rising up &
      Moving (DRUM) & Stop the Disappearances Campaign (STDC) & follow wishes of
      affected detainees & their families. At least a 4-month commitment
      required. At Community Service Society (CSS) 105 E 22nd St (Park Ave), rm
      4A. Info: abigailjane77@....

      ***Thanks to those who have called, faxed and written. Many cases in past
      bulletins have been quickly resolved. 60 detainees have been transferred
      from the horrendous conditions in Passaic to the better conditions of
      Hudson County Correctional. Letter Writing Works!. Applying pressure with
      fax zaps and letter campaigns has convinced many officials and politicians
      to provide needed medical treatment, expedite bond releases and voluntary
      departures and deportations. Visitation is a lifeline for detainees and
      our advocacy helps.****


      Stop the Disappearances Campaign! is dedicated to following the leadership
      of those in communities directly affected by INS detentions, especially
      DRUM's constituency of families of detainees and detainees. However, we
      encourage those who are not from these communities to show their support
      and get involved in the fight to end immigrant detention. We have four
      suggestions of appropriate ways to show your support:

      1.    Form an action team! This is a group of five or more people who
      commit to making a call or fax each day (for a period of a week every few
      weeks) on the situation of someone in detention. Contact Eric 212/254-2591
      email abigailjane77@...
      2.    Donate money to the DRUM bond and support fund, each dollar goes
      directly to support families of those detained, or to provide the bonds to
      set detainees free! (contact DRUM)
      3.    Offer to drive detainee family members and community members to
      make visits to detainees. Contact mac 212-254-2591 smack@...
      4.    If you or anyone you know has legal expertise become part of the
      needed legal network to represent and assist detainees in their cases.
      Contact Megan 212-254-2591 meggie@...

      10. Know Your Rights!
      Trainings and Wallet-Sized Palm-Cards (Spanish, Arabic, English and Urdu)
      are available from the Know Your Rights Committee of CHRI.

      You have these rights in the USA (regardless of your immigration status!):
      ·    You do not have to answer any questions by the police, FBI, INS,
      or other law enforcement.  Do not talk without a lawyer.  Say you want to
      see a lawyer.
      ·    You do not have to sign any paper without a lawyer with you.
      ·    You do not have to let the police, FBI, INS or anyone else come
      into your house without a "warrant" (special paper from a judge).  Tell
      your roommates not to let them in without a warrant.
      ·    You do not have to answer any questions about your immigration.
      ·    You do not have to show identification unless you are driving a

      (Backs of cards list places to call for legal assistance, finding a
      lawyer, and other resources)

      For more information or a complete training, in Spanish or English, please
      call CHRI: 212-254-2591, and leave a message for Lara of the KYR

      11. Immigrant families need your support! Contribute to the Emergency
      Family and Legal Fund

      Since September 11th 2001, almost 5,000 people of Arab, South Asian, and
      Muslim origin have been rounded up by the US government and disappeared.
      For months now, the FBI, the INS, and other law enforcement agencies have
      been racially profiling immigrants and raiding homes and workplaces, in
      many cases arresting people in the middle of the night and in front of
      their families. The vast majority of these people continue to languish in
      county jails and federal prisons without ANY charges brought against them.

      Our communities and families need your support. DRUM works with detainees
      and their families as part of the campaign to Stop the Disappearances!
      Many detainees are experiencing deteriorating health as they languish in
      jails simply because they cannot afford bail or bond money and have no
      support outside. Others still are in urgent need of funds to help support
      the families left behind. Please help fight for their release by sending a
      donation to our special fund. Please make your checks out to "The Brecht
      Forum" and write "Fund" in the memo.

      Mail your checks to DRUM (address below). Your donations are tax

      Our demands:

      1.       Release all detainees being held for immigration violations.
      2.       Repeal the racist Patriot Act, the 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform
          and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA), and the 1996 Anti-Terrorism and
          Effective Death Penalty Act.
      1.    Release a real list of all 9/11 detainees.
      2.    Provide detainees with immediate, full and proper access to legal
          information and representation.
      5.    Ensure all facilities used for detention meet the INS standards
          for detention.
      6.    Inform detainees of when they will appear before a judge, be
          released, or be deported.
      7.    Stop holding detainees who have been granted bond or ordered
      8.    End all cooperation between the INS and local law enforcement.

      The goal of the Campaign to Stop the Disappearances! is to end the
      detention of immigrants. We do not believe that immigrants should be
      imprisoned because of their immigration status. Writing letters and doing
      visitations are tools we are using to build an ongoing campaign, directed
      by the priorities and needs of detainees, their families and their
      communities. The campaign was launched on Martin Luther King Day, January
      21, 2002 and seeks justice and due process for detainees.

      The information here is compiled by the Coalition for the Human Rights of
      Immigrants (CHRI) - Detention Working Group, in consultation with other
      groups organizing visitation, support and advocacy for immigrants in
      detention. The Campaign to Stop the Disappearances! is:

      Coalition for the Human Rights of Immigrants (CHRI)
      339 Lafayette St.
      New York, NY 10012

      Desis Rising Up and Moving (DRUM)
      72-26 Broadway. 4nd Flr.
      Jackson Hts., NY 11372

      Prison Moratorium Project (PMP)
      388 Atlantic Avenue, 3rd Flr.
      Brooklyn, NY 11217

      Peace, No War
      War is not the answer, for only love can conquer hate
      Not in our Name! And another world is possible!

      Information for antiwar movements, news across the World, please visit:

      Please Join PeaceNoWar Listserv, send e-mail to: mailto:peacenowar-subscribe@...

      *PeaceNoWar is an activist project of ActionLA
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