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  • Norma J. F. Harrison
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      Subject: Know Your Rights

      The police are questioning anti-war arrestees about their political
      associations and activities. DON'T TALK--ASK FOR A LAWYER!

      Political spying by the Police

      Police and federal agents nationally have escalated their efforts to
      collect information on dissenting individuals and organizations. On May 30,
      2002, Attorney General John Ashcroft announced new guidelines which removed
      even minimal restrictions on the FBI which had required a showing of some
      criminal activity in order to conduct political surveillance and
      monitoring. The new watchword is to go after critics of the government
      before any laws are broken. Restrictions barring NYPD surveillance of
      political activists and religious organizations (The Handschu Agreement)
      are completely removed as of February 2003.

      The new guidelines for allowing greater monitoring of political dissidents
      is rooted in the needs of the government's "war on the world", presently
      focused on Iraq. They are designed to repress opposition as law
      enforcement did during the 1960s when they targeted civil rights activists
      and anti-Vietnam war protesters, and later against the women's,
      environmental, and Central American solidarity movements. Their activities
      aimed (often with unfortunate success) to disrupt organizations, promote
      divisions, even foment acts of violence that resulted in the death of
      political dissidents. (See War At Home, by Brian Glick, South End Press,

      NYPD INTEL Interviews and Friendly Cops

      Demonstrators arrested at recent anti-war protests have reported being
      questioned by the arresting officer about their identity. They are
      interviewed by a second officer from the NYPD Criminal Intelligence Section
      (INTEL), which is led by NYPD Deputy Commissioner David Cohen, who spent 35
      years with the Central Intelligence Agency. The INTEL officer uses
      a "Demonstration Debriefing Form" to ask an arrested demonstrator for
      information such as "Organization Name", "Organization Position", and
      "Prior Demonstration History". You do not have to answer, and should not
      answer, these questions.

      There is also reason to believe that the long delays to release of people
      merely charged with Disorderly Conduct, and the NYPD refusal to allow
      lawyers to interview arrestees and advise them of their rights, has been
      part of INTEL's strategy to pressure arrestees to cooperate and provide
      political information in exchange for an expedited release. Anti-war
      arrestees have also reported that police officers in the jail appear to be
      friendly, even sympathetic, to the protests. And ask protesters questions
      such as:

      What do you think of the President?
      What do you think of the leaders of today protest?
      Do you vote?

      Be wary of the "friendly cop" who is "only doing his job" but is "really
      perplexed by what's going on in the world and respects our decision to
      demonstrate" (quotes from a jailed anti-war protester).


      The fundamental lesson to remember if you are arrested is: DON'T TALK and
      ASK FOR A LAWYER. (The only exception to DON'T TALK! is that it is OK to
      give only your true name, address, date of birth, fingerprints, and photo
      for purposes of release from jail).

      You can never tell how a seemingly harmless bit of information might be
      used to hurt you or someone else. You have the right to say that you want
      to talk to a lawyer even if you do not already have one.

      The police are allowed to lie to you when they question you. However,
      lying to a federal agent is a crime. Simply state: "I am going to remain
      silent; I want to speak to a lawyer".

      Refuse & Resist!
      For specific legal information, contact your lawyer or your local National
      Lawyers Guild or check on line at www.nlg.org

      On behalf of the
      National Office of Refuse & Resist!
      305 Madison Ave., Suite 1166
      NY, NY 10165
      Tel: 212.713.5657
      or 510-704-5293

      Also for Know Your Rights, go to the National Lawyers Guild office nearest
      you. In SF Bay Area the number is: 415-285-1011
      or 415-285-1055.

      Update Member Info:

      Alternative Contact: 510-704-5293

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    • Campaign For Migrants Rights
      Know Your Rights http://www.borderangels.org/knowyourrights.html
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