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1441Immigrant Solidarity Campaign Proposals for LASC

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  • SIUHIN@aol.com
    Apr 1, 2004
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      Immigrant Solidarity Campaign Proposals for LASC
      April 1, 2004

      Latin American Solidarity Coalition (LASC) is the major central american
      human rights coalition in US, their memberships includes: Committee in Solidarity
      with People of El Salvador (CISPES), Nicaruga Network (NicNet), School of
      Americas Watch (SOA Watch), Mexico Solidarity Network (MSN), ActionLA/National
      Immigrant Solidarity Network (ISN) and so on.

      Last year LASC had endorsed the immigrant solidarity campaign and support the
      formation of ISN, here's the proposals to LASC today to ask LASC memebship
      organization to activelly participate at the ISN projects and the planning of
      the upcoming Immigrant Unity Conference and Immigrant-workers Day at upcoming
      Republican National Convention Mobilization at New York City, August 24 -
      September 4.

      Lee Siu Hin
      National Immigrant Solidarity Network

      Campaign Proposal
      1. LASC to Support and Participate on Ongoing Immigrant Rights Campaigns
      2. LASC to Endorse and Participate the Proposed Immigrant Unity Conference
      and Immigrant-Workers Unity Day at RNC Mobilization, Aug 29 - Sep 4 at NYC
      Proposed By: Lee Siu Hin - ActionLA, National immigrant Solidarity Network
      Tel: (213)413-1778, e-mail: siuhin@...
      Web: www.ActionLA.org/ISN/

      Main Messages
      "No Immigrant Bashing! Support Immigrant Rights!"

      Campaign Area
      LASC to create ongoing campaign, and workgroup to support immigrant rights
      and anti-sweatshops issues, called and organized by National Immigrant
      Solidarity Network.

      Second, LASC to endorse and participate at the proposed Immigrant Unity
      Conference and Immigrant-workers Day at upcoming Republican National Convention
      Mobilization at New York City, August 24 - September 4. Called by National
      Immigrant Solidarity Network and several other groups.

      Summary description of your proposal, including goals and key strategies
      A coordinating effort from LASC member organizations to work with immigrant
      and student-labor organizations to support domestic immigrant rights campaign
      of people from Mexico, Central and South Americas; and link this issue to the
      anti-sweatshops and anti-globalization movements.

      Second, LASC to participate at the Immigrant Unity Conference and
      Immigrant-workers Day on upcoming RNC Mobilization, it will help LASC and their member
      organizations to become important part of the student-labor-immigrant activism
      in this country.

      The goal: it helps LASC and their member organizations to a create a new
      activism direction not only focusing on international campaigns thousands of miles
      away, but also the community campaigns we live across the street, to defeat
      Bush and Neo-con's empire building, and take the community back to us!

      Major goals and tactics of this campaign
      We do not call for our own campaigns, rather, we'll work with different
      immigrant rights and student-labor groups to IN SOLIDARITY with their campaigns,
      such as:
      - Support DREAM Acts, AgJOB bill
      - Defeat SEVIS, CLEAR Act and special registration
      - Support border rights, and humane immigrant policies, and against
      militilization of the US-Mexico border
      - Against racial profiling and immigrant round-ups.
      - Support community-based sweatshops campaigns, and no Wal-Martization of
      the community.

      Based on the campaigns, the tactics/actions includes:
      - Legislative campaigns, includes: letter writing, congressional visits.
      - Community campaigns, includes: community forum, local organizing,
      community education campaigns, protests and direct actions.
      - Protests: emergency protest or rally

      Major activities to organize public support for these demands and apply
      pressure on decision-makers to support this proposal
      - Monthly phone conference with immigrant groups and/or student-labor
      organizations, host by National Immigrant Solidarity Network (ongoing)
      - The publication and distributions of monthly Immigration Alert!
      Newsletter and different 1-page size fact sheet, publish by National Immigrant
      Solidarity Network, and the Immigrant Solidarity Network Webpage (ongoing)
      - Various immigrant rights campaigns and actions (next 10 months,
      throughout summer and fall until end of the November elections)
      - Immigrant Unity Conference, New York City during RNC mobilization (one
      day during Aug 29 - Sep 4)
      - Immigrant-workers day during RNC mobilization (one day during Aug 29 -
      Sep 4)

      Why should LASC work on this over the next 6-18 months? How does this
      campaign directly challenge Bush's empire-building and neo-con's agenda?
      There's a direct link between when Bush attack other countries, he need to
      first de-humanized the people of that country, and the immigrants lives here.

      That's no secrets that domestically, "War Against terror" is in fact
      oppressions against immigrants and Muslims. However, the government obviously doesn't
      really want to get rid of all undocumented workers, because it would be the
      simplest thing in the world to find them. Everyone knows where undocumented
      workers work. Everyone also knows that they work at the jobs no one else will
      take; and that these jobs are the most important and basic. No, we want them hereā€¦
      as long as they don't ask for a living wage and thereby threaten our ongoing
      massive accumulation of wealth.

      I believes LASC should take the stand on supporting the immigrants rights,
      fight against the special registrations and CLEAR Acts and SEVIS, because Bush's
      "War Against terror" is in fact oppressions against immigrants and Muslims
      are directly linked.

      Which constituencies would this campaign help us bring into the movement or
      develop strategic alliances with?
      Besides the endorsements from LASC last November during the SOA protest in
      Ft. Benning, GA, here's some other organizations had endorsed and support the
      - Student groups: United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) and Student
      Peace Action Network (SPAN)
      - United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ)
      - Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN)
      - Center for Constitutional Rights

      And closely working with:
      - National American Pacific American Legal Consortium
      - National Immigrant Forum
      - Coalition of Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA)

      Lee Siu Hin
      National Immigrant Soliadrity Network
      No Immigrant Bashing! Support Immigrant Rights!
      webpage: http://www.actionla.org/ISN/ (For latest immigrant issues/news)

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      Coalition, National Immigrant Solidarity Network and US-Mexico Border Actions
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      1013 Mission St. #6
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