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1022FNS: Mexican Feds Will Not Investigate Ciudad Juárez Femicides

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  • SIUHIN@aol.com
    Apr 4, 2003
      FNS: Mexican Feds Will Not Investigate Ciudad Juárez Femicides
      Date: 4/3/03 4:15:40 PM Pacific Standard Time
      From: frontera@... (Frontera)

      After reviewing the cases of 258 women that were murdered in Ciudad
      Juárez since 1993, Carlos Javier Vega Memije, an assistant attorney
      general with the Mexican federal attorney general's office (Procuraduría
      General de la República, PGR), said that the PGR will not investigate
      the killings because there is no evidence of three or more people
      organizing the murders.

      According to Vega, the Mexican federal government can not work on
      solving the femicides unless there appears to be a violation of the
      Federal Law Against Organized Crime. For this to occur, at least three
      or more people must commit repeated crimes, he said.

      Since 1993, approximately 93 young women have been raped and murdered by
      one or more serial-killers. At times, as many as eight bodies have been
      found in one field, in close proximity. In early 2003, at least three
      bodies were found in one area in Cd. Juárez near El Paso.

      FBI to analyze 49 Cd. Juárez femicides

      Manuel Esparza, spokesperson for the Office of the Special Prosecutor
      for the Investigation of Women’s Homicides (Fiscalía Especial para la
      Investigación de Homicidios de Mujeres), told the Cd. Juárez newspaper
      El Norte that the Fiscalía will be sending the case files of 49
      serial-killing victims to US FBI headquarters for analysis by FBI
      experts. Esparza admitted to El Norte that some people have more faith
      in the FBI than they do the Chihuahua state investigation into the

      Esparza became the spokesperson for the Fiscalía during the same period
      in March 2003 when it was announced that US citizen Steve Slater would
      be an advisor to the Fiscalía. Initially it was rumored in Cd. Juárez
      that Slater, who has worked in the past with New Mexico law enforcement,
      was to be the head of the investigation into the women's killings.
      However, Esparza reiterated to El Norte that Slater is only part of the
      Fiscalía's training effort.

      Esparza also told the newspaper that since Slater's arrival, six agents
      and a group leader have been removed from the Fiscalía. Esparza added
      that more changes will occur to improve the structure of the office.

      Also, in March, the Fiscalía was moved to the Police Academy facility
      where Slater has his office, according to El Norte.

      Chihuahua City: disappearance of young women continue from city center

      On April 2, 2003, the Cd. Juárez newspaper El Diario took an in-depth
      look at the continued disappearance of young women from downtown
      Chihuahua City. According to figures presented in the article, fourteen
      young women have disappeared from that city between February 1999 and
      March 2003. Four of them have since been found murdered: Norma Leticia
      Luna (February 1999), Jaquelin Cristina Sánchez (May 2000), Erika Ivonne
      Ruiz (March 2001) and Paloma Angélica Escobar (March 2002).

      Besides coinciding in their physical characteristics--all of the young
      women were considered attractive, thin, with darker skin and had long,
      dark hair--most of them were last seen in the Chihuahua City downtown
      area or had to cross through it at the time they disappeared. Eleven of
      the missing young women disappeared in February or March in the year in
      which they were last seen. Some of the murder victims in both Cd. Juárez
      and Chihuahua attended ECCO computer schools.

      According to Esparza, ECCO is still under investigation and its
      directors are cooperating with the investigation.

      Sources: El Norte (Cd. Juárez), April 1and 2, 2003. El Diario, April 2,

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