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Pb with threads on Mac OS X Carbon.

Hi, I'd like to use shared pointers with CodeWarrior 8.3 in a Carbon application. I have some preprocessing errors, the first one being relative to a thread
Sep 3, 2003

Re: Filesystem Lib Feature Request

... Please take a look at the docs for the boost/filesystem/convenience.hpp header in the Boost CVS. They are supposed to meet that need. HTH, --Beman
Beman Dawes
Sep 3, 2003

Filesystem Lib Feature Request

Hello, Has any thought been given to member functions for the path class for handling filename extensions? It should be easy to add code for most systems to
Robert W. Johnstone
Sep 3, 2003

win32.hpp has a using std::max, min

win32.hpp has using std::min and using std::max directives. (win32.hpp in fact overrides these functions). These directives hinder use of the max function
Charles Schwartz
Sep 3, 2003

ostream_iterator and std::copy - better solutions?

Before rolling my own, does boost have a facility to stream out an iterator range without the dangling delimiter at the end? For example std::ostream&
Jeff Flinn
Sep 3, 2003

Re: boost lambda examples

Hi Matt ... Yes, that's it! So what I actually wanted was: for_each( v.begin(), v.end(), cout << _1 << '\n' ); That'll teach me copy code from two different
Paul Grenyer
Sep 3, 2003

Re: boost lambda examples

... Hmm, this looks seriously like an MSVC6 ETI-type problem. Are you *sure* you're using vc7.1? -- Dave Abrahams Boost Consulting www.boost-consulting.com
David Abrahams
Sep 3, 2003

Re: boost lambda examples

... That only makes sense with vector ... as per the example, from memory... I think you meant vp.begin() etc. Cheers, Matt.
Hurd, Matthew
Sep 3, 2003

boost lambda examples

Hi MSVC 7.1, Windows 2000 I'm trying to get to grips with the boost lambda library. I've managed to get the first example to work: #include
Sep 3, 2003

Re: "invalid token pasting" macro bug

... ... of ... Unfortunately, to get rid of this one, you will need to modify your copy of "boost/mpl/aux_/config/preprocessor.hpp"
Aleksey Gurtovoy
Sep 2, 2003

Re: how to create fixtures in unit test framework

... From: Steve Hutton To: boost-users@yahoogroups.com Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2003 6:32 PM Subject: [Boost-Users] Re: how to create fixtures in unit test
Dean Brettle
Sep 2, 2003

Re: "invalid token pasting" macro bug

... OK, I tried that, and it went from 14 warnings down to 1: Warning : invalid token pasting of 'BOOST_MPL_PP_TUPLE_11_ELEM_5' and '(' (included from:
Sep 2, 2003

Re: "invalid token pasting" macro bug

... Try this: #define BOOST_PP_CONFIG_FLAGS() BOOST_PP_CONFIG_STRICT() (All of those warnings come from workarounds used for previous versions of Metrowerks.)
Paul Mensonides
Sep 2, 2003

Re: how to create fixtures in unit test framework

In article <024001c36f45$8180bbf0$04fda8c0@...>, ... What about using containment instead then, if you only want to share test method
Steve Hutton
Sep 2, 2003

"invalid token pasting" macro bug

When I use Spirit with CodeWarrior 9 (just released), I get a bunch of warnings as shown below. The CodeWarrior release notes explain that "According to the
James W. Walker
Sep 2, 2003
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