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139Re: [Bookfutures] Maud Gawn

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  • J Flenner
    Sep 2, 2009
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      Nick, I think it was "A.M.G." whose dates are 1868 to 1922--he wasn't
      sure it was a "Maud Gawn", just guessing her.

      So anyone w/ those initials? (a little harder to look for)


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      From: Nick Hodson
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      I happen to have a subscription to view the various English registers of births deaths and marriages. As this cost me nothing but time I checked the deaths registers for 1922 and several years on either side, and then the births registers for 1868 and several years on either side. No Maud Gawn. However, I can report that there were numerous Gawn births and deaths reported, and that almost all of them were from the Portsmouth, Portsea and Isle of Wight areas. If she was of English origin you could be almost sure (98%) that small area is where she came from.
      [Hi, Tom! Remember me? Still alive, but only just!]
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      Thank you Tom,

      Unfortunately it is not the same Maud!

      The dates I’m looking for are: birth 1868, death 1922.

      In the collection I’m editing there are many poems dedicated to lesbian writers, such as Renée Vivien, and Bliss herself was lesbian, though she kept a low profile among her “conservative” friends – and that’s why I thought “A.M.G.” might have been some literary figure.

      I’ve done some research at Mcfarlin Library, Tulsa Univ., reading through her diaries; there’s nothing much about her life.



      From: Tom Frenkel [mailto:frethoa@ aol.com]
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      Michela --

      Could this possibly be Maud Gonne (1866-1953), who, as the Wikipedia article puts it, was an "English-born Irish revolutionary, feminist and actress, best remembered for her turbulent relationship with William Butler Yeats"?  Regards,


      Tom Frenkel
      email: frethoa@aol. com
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      Thank you for the suggestion.

      I’ll try London cemetery, since Bliss at the time was residing in England. She was a creole writer – I guess I’ m the only person doing working on her novels/poems.

      All the best.

      Michela Calderaro

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      I know zip about Eliot Bliss, country/state she resided in, travels, etc.

      But in searching for A.M.G., you might try likely cemetery records with
      "b. 1868 d. 1922"--cemeteries that Bliss might have visited.


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      From: MichelaRialto
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      Hi, Everybody,

      I have not received mail in a long while- I think the last post I received was back in May, is the list still active?

      I have a question that is bugging me for quite some time, and perhaps with so many librarians and book lovers in this list, some of you can help me find the answer.

      I am editing a selection of poems by writer Eliot Bliss, and she dedicated a whole collection to someone whose initials are A.M.G, born 1868, died 1922. The name might be Maud (some poems have this name on the title), and she used to know a Maud Gawn. But I could find anything useful.

      Any idea?

      Thanks a LOT.

      Michela Calderaro

      University of Trieste


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