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124Historical Book Arts Collection

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  • J Flenner
    Jun 13, 2008
      From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout 1994-2008.
      Historical Book Arts Collection
      The history of the book is a fascinating subject, and one that is addressed
      head on by this most wonderful collection from the University of Washington
      Libraries Historical BookArts Collection. This digital collection features a
      sampling of materials held in their Special Collections Division and is
      primarily intended to serve as a teaching tool. The materials here are
      contained within sections that include "Binding", "Printing", "Paper", and
      three others. By clicking on each section, visitors can find digitized
      images that illustrate everything from examples of insect damage, endsheets,
      and gilt stamped works. Along with the actual items, visitors will also want
      to read the three essays offered here, including "Illustration Techniques"
      and "19th Century Bindings". Finally, visitors can also search the entire
      collection via three well-designed search functions. [KMG]