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REVIEW: Immortal Eclipse by Sherry Soule

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  • Sherri
    Title: Immortal Eclipse Author: Sherry Soule Publisher: Disenchanted Publishing, Inc. Original Publication Date: May 15, 2013 New Edition Published: June 7,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 18, 2013
      Title: Immortal Eclipse
      Author: Sherry Soule
      Publisher: Disenchanted Publishing, Inc.
      Original Publication Date: May 15, 2013
      New Edition Published: June 7, 2013
      Genre: Young Adult / Mystery / Romantic Suspense


      A devoted fashionata and practical New Yorker, Skylar Blackwell doesn’t believe in the supernatural—until she inherits Summerwind Mansion. . . . 

      When her uncle is brutally murdered, and the cops seem uninterested in following up the case, Skylar journeys to California to seek answers. Her search for clues is soon overshadowed by haunting nightmares of a young woman also murdered in the house. 

      Now the inhabitants of Summerwind are mysteriously dying, leaving no evidence as to how or why, and Skylar finds herself in a deadly race against time to expose the killer—before they strike again. 

      Armed with only wit and Pradas, Skylar begins questioning the servants, but the growing list of suspects includes the sexy and brooding caretaker, Dorian Delacroix, a man desperately trying to forget his tragic past. And a major distraction for Skylar. 

      Determined to play detective—instead of the fashion police—and unravel the dark history of the mansion, Skylar is plunged into an otherworldly mystery that not even she can explain away. As the boundaries between reality and dreams blur, Skylar’s greatest challenge is to stay alive long enough to learn the truth.

      My Thoughts: The book started out very good for me but started to spiral downhill with Skylar's incessant inner monologue. I don't mind first person point of view, but this one just didn't fit for me. I found myself wondering several times whether she was talking to someone or to herself. Especially when the inner chatter begins when she is having a conversation with someone! I had to go back several times and reread paragraphs because I was getting lost. 

      I thought Skylar was very brave to make the move across the country into the unknown and flying by the seat of her pants. I thought Dorian was intriguing but I felt as frustrated as she did at his constant hot and cold manner. 

      My Final Verdict: I read 68% of the book before I was advised there was a new edition. As honored as I am to be asked to read this book to begin with in exchange for my review, I don't feel invested enough in the characters to start over after coming this far. In addition, switching to the new edition and continue reading where I left off would give me the sense of not reading the whole book. I am told that the new edition has major rewrites so if a young adult fashionata with a love of Pradas, a sexy, brooding, mysterious man and a house full of sinister characters and dead bodies intrigue you, then this book may appeal to you.


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