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Now available, a book by a Bookcrosser

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    I m known as livelywriter on Bookcrossing, and my latest is out! Will be arranging for a bookray soon.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2005
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      I'm known as livelywriter on Bookcrossing, and my latest is out! Will be arranging for a bookray soon.


      Pray For Us Sinners: An Ash Lake Mystery by Kathryn Lively

      Now available in eBook and paperback! Order by clicking on the above link.

      Soap star Allayne Witt was Ash Lake, Florida's "local girl made good." Her untimely death of cancer touched all, especially childhood friends Ronnie Lord and Gina Hayes.
      Allayne's brash stage mother, however, has ideas of her own. Not only is Lorraine Witz convinced that her daughter was murdered, she believes Ronnie is the perfect person to solve the crime!

      With very little evidence to go on, and professional and personal problems with Sheriff Lew Caperton causing her frustration, Ronnie is reluctant to be of service, yet can do little to resist the pull of "Hurricane Lorraine." Preparing to meet the Pope at her great, great aunt Lorena's canonization ceremony must wait in this sequel to the award-winning Saints Preserve Us.

      PRAY FOR US SINNERS is a witty, breezy mystery with an appealing heroine/detective, a well-drawn supporting cast, and a surprise ending. Now, what more could you possibly want? - William J. Calabrese, author of BORDERLAND and TO CAPTURE AN EAGLE

      [PRAY FOR US SINNERS] is an intriguing page-turner, full of plot twists and quirky characters, set in steamy Northeast Florida. I recommend you buy two copies: one for you, and one for your favorite priest! - Lydia Hawke, author of FIRETRAIL and PERFECT DISGUISE

      PRAY FOR US SINNERS is the perfect blend and balance of mystery, humor and history. Unforgettable characters and surprising twists up until the very end make this a must read mystery. - Karen Rinehart, Newspaper columnist and author of INVISIBLE UNDERWEAR, BUS STOP MOMMIES and OTHER THINGS TRUE TO LIFE

      Kathryn Lively - http://www.kathrynlively.com
      mystery writer, avid reader, Rush fan (the band, not Limbaugh)

      author of Pithed: an Andy Farmer Mystery
      a tale of revenge, high school, and a dog named Steely Dan

      order from http://www.mundania.com or http://www.amazon.com

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