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Re: [Bolitho] Re: Herrick and a question of guilt

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  • vivmoi
    Not to be really disgusting (too late!), but aren t we referring to Rosy Palm and Her Five Daughters ? Another bit for The Commodore s Vocabulary Lesson.
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 31, 2001
      Not to be really disgusting (too late!), but aren't we referring to "Rosy Palm and Her Five Daughters"?  Another bit for The Commodore's Vocabulary Lesson.  That'll be MY last word on this subject, and God help me if the Missus starts reading my mail!
      Major Len
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      --- In Bolitho@y..., Ksleepy8@a... wrote:
      As for the "act of
      > crime/lack of discipline," I suppose that it goes without saying
      that the 10
      > fingered dolly got used from time to time...


      Wow, again a nice phrase to enrich my English vocabulary... the 10
      fingered dolly.... Sounds nice.
      (Bad comment aside: In Herrick´s case, we can presume it´ll be the 5
      fingered dolly after "The Darkening Sea"..... Oh, that was a REAL
      nasty comment, Percy!)

      Commodore Percy ;-)

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