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14Re: Unknown design

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  • Justin Meddock
    Nov 17, 2005
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      Is theat Anhingha?

      --- In BolgerCartoons@yahoogroups.com, "Howard Stephenson"
      <howardstephenson@h...> wrote:
      > There is a file named "Unknown." It's one of a series of at least
      > three designs (probably not all completed). "30-Odd Boats" has a
      > chapter on Eeek!, 11'6" x 2', that was built and tested by Bolger.
      > was unstable unless the one-person crew lay on the bottom. The book
      > shows a design study for a larger cruising version that is virtually
      > Eeek! scaled up by a linear factor of 3. The one here seems to be
      > somewhere between the two.
      > A post to the main Bolger group would probably provide more
      > information.
      > Howard
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