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Re: [Bolger4Sale] Typhoon Bermuda

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  • Len Turner
    Dayton,   Glad to hear you re exercising wisdom and caution.  I m wrung out after just finishing John Kretschmer s At The Mercy Of The Sea , the account of
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 7, 2011
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      Glad to hear you're exercising wisdom and caution.  I'm wrung out after just finishing John Kretschmer's 'At The Mercy Of The Sea', the account of several sailors experiencing a hurricane in the Caribbean.
      I look forward to hearing about your journey.
      Fair winds,

      Len Turner

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      Hi Keith,

      Yes, seems like the lows form early June and then fine sailing through
      July, but I'd like to be out of the ocean by July. Remember we had a Hurricane
      in July once or should say a mid ocean Hurricane. That's a great sailing
      town you have up there! dayton

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      Small boat missions are a joy to learn about - I hope your island hopping
      is fun. Re the lows - are there not always minor lows in the Caribbean
      forming this time of year? By that I mean the numerous lows that form but
      never develop into anything.

      Happy Sailing,

      Oriental, NC

      On Jun 7, 2011, at 9:23 AM, longbaymarine@... wrote:

      > Hello to all,
      > I've canceled the trip to Bermuda this year in the Typhoon due to the
      > forming in the Caribbean. June is the month for sailing offshore but
      > planning must begin with the words "all quiet in the tropics".
      > I believe the Typhoon at 18' 6" to be the best full keel boat for the
      > probably not the best boat under 20 feet. Fully loaded with about 500
      > of supplies and gear the scuppers need to be closed, the cockpit well is
      > then about water level, so I added two 1000 gph pumps in the well even
      > I never had more that an ounce of water come aboard during the 2000
      > thousand ocean miles in the last five years.
      > If you have a chance to see a Typhoon on a trailer, study the under
      > sections. This is the shape that the ocean likes, this hull knows no
      > pounding and will rip a hole through short chop.
      > If form follows function, and it does, the Typhoon ended up looking like
      > small yacht, everything goes together and it works.
      > The boat is loaded and I have the sat phone for a month so I'm going
      > hopping south to Charleston. If you're in the Myrtle Beach SC area and
      > would like to see the Typhoon, let me know. We are a common sight
      sailing along
      > the beach here. I'm a licensed captain and could take you sailing.
      > Thank you for your time, I'll be back next year! Best
      > dayton
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