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Black Skimmer for sale in Tacoma WA

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  • Wayne Gilham
    (Same info as just posted in Bolger Discussion group) Here s one of Bolger s most well-known early sharpies... for sale as a fixer-upper -- lots of
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2007
      (Same info as just posted in Bolger Discussion group)

      Here's one of Bolger's most well-known early sharpies... for sale as a
      fixer-upper -- lots of innovations.... would be MUCH easier and less
      expensive to take this project over, than to start a "build from

      Went to my Black Skimmer in the storage yard this week and came to
      realize it's not in my schedule to do the refurb this boat needs... so
      with a big sob, I now realize it has to go to another owner. She's
      being sold as a fixer-upper, as every surface WILL require
      refinishing, but the boat's structurally solid, no hull-rot, a few
      appendages require repair. I brought her back from far worse
      condition about 20 years ago.... now she needs another total restoration.

      This is the Black Skimmer with "Red Zinger"s tapered box-section mast
      and tuned sail (see BWAOM chapter 63), mounted on a Bolger-designed
      tabernacle pivot right at cabintop: makes it a fairly easy boat to
      trailer and rig at launch ramp...

      Best way to get an overall sense of this boat is to review its specs
      and a few photos at


      (should be "up" there thru March 7)

      I've rigged many modifications to Bolger's typical Cat-Yawl rig, to
      make fine-tuning of the sail-set a breeze, also have rigged a unique
      way to raise-lower leeboards from the tiller-position.....

      Boat's in Tacoma WA, transports easily on its trailer (included); she
      came all the way cross-country when we moved away from the Chesapeake
      a few years ago.

      Feel free to contact me on-list or off-list for any info --- I have
      more photos, lots more info, but if serious, a phonecall is in order.
      253 318 9873

      If you've ever thought of building one of Bolger's small cruisers, why
      start from scratch? this one's a do-able project.

      Wayne Gilham
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