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Re: [Bolger4Sale] dingy.how big

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  • Skiff Salor
    Dear Readers: Sorry about the post. 9 6 long 4 + beam holds 4 adults Located Toledo area - by the airport But, it is not light and would say it weighs 125
    Message 1 of 2 , May 30, 2006
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      Dear Readers:

      Sorry about the post.
      9'6" long
      4'+ beam
      holds 4 adults
      Located Toledo area - by the airport
      But, it is not light and would say it weighs 125 lbs.
      or so. I used 3/8" ply and the ash timbers weight
      more. However, I remember making that boat and those
      ash frames would literally smoke a drill bit. That
      stuff is hard to bevel with anything but a chain saw.
      As a result, I think you could drop this boat in the
      water from a 3 story building and it would be OK.


      --- Charles Raynor <loftysail@...> wrote:

      > Dear Mike,how long,wide,weight? Location?
      > Chuck Raynor
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      > From: Mike
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      > Sent: 5/29/2006 3:52:36 PM
      > Subject: [Bolger4Sale] Sailing Dinghy for Sale
      > Dear Readers:
      > It is not a PCB design but it is a nice sailing
      > dingy I built to plans in Classic Small Boats and I
      > can't believe I have forgotten the authors name but
      > he is well-known. Must be the advancing years. The
      > design is the "A Plywood Pram" and it is well-built
      > with ash frames, chines and keel. All put together
      > with West System and the exterior seams are glassed
      > with epoxy. Nice hardware for the rudder and oars.
      > Plywood-planked with AC exterior but I have taken
      > care of the boat and it has stayed in dry storage.
      > I added the sailing rig, rudder and leeboard for a
      > PCB design from a Payson book, I think maybe Nymph,
      > one of the smallest sailboats in the book.
      > Everything is in working order. I think it could
      > use a good cleaning but it is ready for the water.
      > I also added a slip-on transom and fished many hours
      > in the Maumee river for walleye with my son when he
      > was a little boy. A 3hp pushes it OK. I made my
      > oars and they carry it well. I have rowed that boat
      > all over the Maumee. It is a about 10 years old I
      > guess but I have kept it maintained.
      > I built Gypsy and don't really need the boat. I
      > would like to build another but need to keep turning
      > them over. I have really been thinking about
      > building a small runabout. Either way, I would like
      > to see the boat in use. I would like some kid
      > learning to sail on this boat in a nice pond
      > somewhere and maybe fishing out of it too. It is
      > beamy and forgiving and you can actually stand and
      > relieve yourself aft. I have some photos I can scan
      > and send to interested parties. I have the rig, the
      > transom, the boat all in dry storage and ready to
      > sail, motor or row.
      > I probably have $1200 in it and would settle for
      > $600 (only to a good home). I can fax the building
      > plans from the book if you want to see the book it
      > came from (and I trust the author would understand
      > the circumstances and forgive me).
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