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911Micro as a floating camp or outboard cruiser

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  • adkgoodboat
    May 23, 2013
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      Does anybody want a brand new, well-built Micro set up as an outboard cruiser, with a Honda 7.5 4-stroke?

      I can't seem to sell it, no matter how cheap, as a proper sailing Micro without a motor.

      I'll keep the brand new spars and Lee sails, and put this great motor with it. The other Micro I had was originally set up as an outboard cruiser and circumnavigated Lake Ontario with a Honda 8. It'll do 6 to 7 mph, very thriftily.

      Boat and trailer cost me $700 and the motor is worth $1000 if it would idle. Easiest way to fix that is a new carburetor, $145. Call it $1500 all in.

      There's not much to do to finish it as a cruiser. Needs hatches and paint, and a tiller if you want to steer with the rudder. (The bottom is well painted.) I can do the work, for pay.

      This boat comes with plans for Micro Navigator and Micro II.