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675“Bolger on Design” articles for sale

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  • Mike
    Mar 4, 2009
      I am selling my collection of "Bolger on Design" articles out of Messing About in Boats magazine. To the best of my knowledge, the collection includes all articles since the series began, and continues through February 2009. There might be a few that are not present, but I don't know it if so. I grouped them into a file of sailboats, of motorboats, and of boats that are "other". These are not the entire issues – I just cut the "Bolger on Design" section out of each issue and that is what I am selling – they are in good condition. All told, there is about 11 pounds of material that I will ship to the buyer in a USPS priority mail box. I have thoroughly enjoyed studying this stuff, and whoever buys it will be able to keep busy for weeks. If you want to see a photo, go to:


      Price? I'll take a best offer. Just send an email to me directly at:



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