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579Micro and Whalewatcher

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  • adkgoodboat
    Mar 1, 2008
      Anybody interested in a new (almost) Micro, with excellent trailer
      and motor, brand new sails, might stay in touch here. I did complete
      the new hatch and the new keel last fall, and sailed her at the end
      of October before putting her under cover for the winter. Now I hope
      to use her at least a little in the spring but then, perhaps, I ought
      to let her go. (I'm co-publishing a novel with Syracuse University
      Press and my part of the deal is to pay for the manufacture of 1000
      copies, theirs to market and distribute). Sad, because it might be
      the ideal boat to keep. I sure was pleased with her sailing and her
      comfort overnight on Lake Champlain.

      The Whalewatcher news is that an excellent Whalewatcher hull,
      beautifully built by Tim Anderson in San Diego, has arrived here by
      truck, to be mated with the spars, sails, and trailer from the
      original Whalewatcher which was being built for George Anger when he
      died. Tim's boat is complete with leeboards and tabernacle. My work
      will be mostly wiring, finishing, some systems, hardware, and
      rigging. Will be trying to get her in the water in June. (Need help!)
      That will be as far as I know, or Phil Bolgers knows, the first
      sailing test of a Whalewatcher. We expect her to be great fun and
      pleasure in use, and with that huge rig, we think we'll be reefing
      her a lot.