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536Micro Pelican ready for launch

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  • adkgoodboat
    Oct 21, 2007
      Hello, group. This is just to say that I have mostly finished the Micro
      I bought earlier this year. It had been left as an outboard cruiser. I
      have given it a ballast keel, spars, and sails, as well as a new
      companionway and hatch (these had not been done to plan). I also built
      in the proper flotation under the cockpit aft. The Honda 8 is fine. The
      boat came with a brand new, very strong, Long brand trailer, but I
      thought it too high, so I put on a new 4" drop-axle with underslung
      springs, getting the frame a full 12" lower. This axle picks up the
      keel on 5 rollers to carry most of the weight, and the long carpeted
      bolsters pick up the bottom near the chines amidships. This should make
      the Micro as easy to launch and retrieve as the keel-less Birdwatcher.
      I mention all this on this group because this Micro will be for sale at
      a negotiable price when anybody is interested. I'm launching and
      sailing it for the first time today, Oce 21, 2007. ----Mason