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364Re: Brick near Boston

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  • The Peillet-Long Family
    Apr 2, 2006
      Glad to see my little baby is still going strong! As Lincoln said, you can read all about
      building it on my site at http://www.geocities.com/owlnmole/brick.pdf

      If you have any questions, fire away. Do copy the message directly to me as I don't get to
      these groups much anymore.

      The rig is the same as used on several of the Bolger/Payson Instant Boats series. If you're
      considering building one of those, you could get "Tetard" to sail right now and have the rig
      ready when you get to your dream project.



      --- In Bolger4Sale@yahoogroups.com, "Lincoln Ross" <lincolnr@...> wrote:
      > I just don't have room right now for my Brick, and I seem to be more
      > into rowing than sailing anyway, so I'd like to sell it. It's in
      > fairly good shape, and comes with a Bohndell sail that's in nice shape.
      > Builder's web site abouit this boat is here:
      > http://www.geocities.com/owlnmole/brick.pdf
      > Since I've had it, it's spent most of it's time under one kind of roof
      > or another. I've done a bit of maintenance with epoxy and glass.
      > This boat is very comfortable for two large and lazy sailors. Each
      > leans back against one side of the boat and doesn't have to move
      > unless it's REALLY windy. Only motion required is moving the tiller a
      > little bit, even when tacking. I've seen this boat sail with four
      > adults, though I admit at that point it bogged down a little.
      > It weighs about 75 pounds, which isn't too much for one person to
      > handle. In fact, one day I put it over the Nymph on top of my Saturn
      > so I could carry two boats. It wasn't a perfect fit on top of the
      > Nymph, but it was good enough.
      > $300 or best offer. The sail alone goes for something like $235 from
      > Payson.
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