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299Micro for Sale Seattle WA

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  • gammelgaardrf
    Sep 1, 2005
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      I'm reluctantly selling my - admittedly "fixer" - Micro due to lack
      of time and space. Tanbark sails are in excellent condition. Foot of
      mainmast has some separation and should be glued and clamped.
      Interior not finished. When I got it there was some rot in the hull,
      bottom forward; I used CPES on it after scrapping out the soft stuff,
      then epoxyed in a sheet of 1/8 plywood inside. It's my first attempt
      with epoxy, a bit of a messy job. Some water still came in and I'm
      not sure why. Now she's been on the trailer (safely tarped, with
      ventilation) for 2 years and I'm facing reality. (That, and I just
      bought Joe Tribulato's Oldshoe - that eases the pain of letting go of
      this vision.) The sliding hatch must have broken at some point, and
      the second owner has a hinged hatch, which is quite silly and needs
      to be replaced. Trailer has new wheels and tires, and was rewired
      when I got it (3 years ago.) It has a long trough for the keel, and
      bunks on the sides. I would replace the bunk supports. If I were to
      keep it, that would be the next thing I would do. I would also have
      someone mount the lights up at the top rather than at bumper level as
      I've broken the light going over curbs.
      Boat is in Seattle, WA. I have no idea what it is worth. Email is
      tough for me to access right now, so if you'd like to make me an
      offer, call 206 387-7437. Much thanks.