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180Re: 'Micro for sale'

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  • Nels
    Oct 15, 2003
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      --- In Bolger4Sale@yahoogroups.com, "Rod Maddox" <talfarm@i...> wrote:
      > Couldn't be said better, Nels. I have a buyer who will be
      > quite a distance to access the pleasure of owning a Micro. May the
      > spirit of Elrowe live on.
      Hi Rod,

      Yes, I traveled quite a distance myself (See posting on Bolger3) Yet
      this is not meant to take anything away from Richard's comments.

      It would appear that one modifies a sheet of plywood by applying
      glass and epoxy to it so it will last forever almost - and the value
      of the plywood drops to almost zero:-)

      Obviously a part of this is the unknown factor of how sound a
      homebuilt hull may be after several years. Like buying a house, thee
      foundation is the most important part as well as the roof.

      I purchased Lestat after I figured out the cost of materials to build
      a Micro. I plan to enjoy it while building a bigger boat. But will
      keep my eyes open since I notice what a pretty darned nice AS29 sold
      for approximately:-)

      The cost of motors, sails and a good trailer add up to a major
      investment when building one's own boat. Not to mention the plywood,
      cloth, expoxy, spars, ballest, hardware and paint. Together with
      several hundred hours of darned hard work.

      I have nothing but admiration for the fellows who build their own and
      plan to join in, while enjoying a prime example of craftmanship to
      inspire me each time I go out on the water:-)

      I have a few photos of Elrow somewhere - when he ws building the
      first Micro. I will have to try to find them and post them here.

      Cheers, Nels
      (Almost inspired enough to crawl in under Lestat's winter cover for a
      last bit of daydreaming before winter sets in.)
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