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178Re: 'Micro for sale'

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  • Nels
    Oct 7, 2003
      --- In Bolger4Sale@yahoogroups.com, "Richard Spelling" <richard@c...>
      > So, I have a theory. Plywood box boats have a negative value.
      Perhaps the ad should say "trailer and motor, $1300. Must take boat
      > <grin>

      This may be true in part but certainly does not take into account the
      value of the pleasure one has had, both as the builder and the user
      of said boat. I am certain that Elrowe took a tremendous amount of
      satisfaction from having participated in such a wonderful design, as
      well as Oldshoe, and a few others. Then the second owner as well as
      the next owner will also have alot of pleasure if they use it as

      If one is interested in return on investment, certainly good motors
      would be something to look at. Have you noticed the price of a new
      Yamaha T9.9??!! Same goes for good heavy duty trailers.

      Cheers, Nels
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