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Re: [BodgerPark] Alarm fee; Was Re:July 4th wrapup

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  • Mike Waterman
    Brent, Everything you say is correct except for the alarm fee. I have had an Alarm Permit for three years (and have never had a false alarm). This year, the
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      Everything you say is correct except for the alarm fee. I have had an Alarm Permit for three years (and have never had a false alarm). This year, the city raised the fee to $62 for residential alarm permits.

      While I pay the fee, I don't really agree with the yearly fee concept. The city does not monitor the alarm. They respond to a 911 call from the alarm company. If you have more than 2 false alarms in a year, you start paying an additional false alarm fee. I think it would be much more fair (and have less of the appearance of a revenue enhancement or stealth tax) if the city charged a one time fee to enter your information into the system, and then begin charging the false alarm fee. After all, that's the only reason I can see for the city maintaining your information for a residential alarm - to enforce the false alarm fee. What else do they do for me for my $62 a year (as far as the alarm goes)?

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      From: Brent Morgan
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      After reading the available literature on the City's web site., my
      understanding is that you have to pay the City of Hawthorne $50 per year
      only if you have an alarm service that calls the police. Businesses pay $62
      annually plus $25 one time fee. This understanding is based on a close
      reading of the alarm permit and related info.

      I feel completely within the law to maintain an audible alarm at my
      residence that I installed myself and which does not call the police. The
      neighbors know that I have it and will call for me or investigate if it goes

      I feel that the $50 fee is not incredibly unreasonable given that there's a
      certain percentage of false alarms that are added to the police workload as
      a result of residential alarms. While your alarm may never go off in error,
      you can rest assured that other alarms will do so.

      Here's what the City has to say about alarms on their web site:

      Is an Alarm Permit Required?
      If you maintain an alarm system in your business, an Alarm System Permit is
      required in addition to the Business License/Tax Certificate. The annual fee
      for an Alarm System Permit is $62.00, and is valid for a fiscal year (July 1
      - June 30). There is also a one time application fee of $25.00.

      The alarm permit (which includes residential alarms) is at


      >From: Chris Call <myshortcake2004@...>
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      >To: BodgerPark@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: Re: [BodgerPark] July 4th wrapup
      >Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 10:42:18 -0700 (PDT)
      ... rumor has it that in order to have a home security system you have to
      pull a permit and pay a $62.50 fee a year, that is absurd, you have to pay
      to protect your home. No other (that I know of anyway) makes you pay for a
      home security system. That is something that really needs to change, we pay
      taxes, that should pay for the fire, police, ambulance, etc. Why should we
      pay for protecting our homes?
      >Let me know your thoughts


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