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meeting minutes for Jan 24

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  • Brent Morgan
    Draft 02 of the meeting minutes. Corrections and additions are being accepted by private email or on the list. Brent Minutes of the BPNA General Meeting
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2005
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      Draft 02 of the meeting minutes. Corrections and additions are being
      accepted by private email or on the list.


      Minutes of the BPNA General Meeting January 24, 2005

      The meeting was called to order at 6:30 by President Brent Morgan. Brent
      gave a brief overview of the BPNA and introduced last year�s Executive
      Board. He then introduced Treasurer Richard Sullivan who reported 53 paid
      members for 2004, after expenditures of $60.62 photocopy fees, $170.00
      insurance premiums, and $12.59 in bank fees, a balance of $286.79.

      Brent introduced Jim Osborne, author of �Some Images of Lawndale�s Past�.
      Brent passed around his personal copy of the book while Jim gave a very
      interesting overview of the area, mostly as pertains Bodger Park we
      currently live in.

      Brent then called for nominations from the floor for positions on the 2005
      executive board. Hearing none, he called for a vote on the current slate of
      candidates for the 2005 Executive Board. The ballot was passed as
      Brent Morgan, President
      Mike Cerletti, Vice President
      Richard Sullivan, Treasurer
      Sue Moret, Secretary
      Trustees Brenda-Lacy Roberts, Carol Causey, Lory Cerletti, Bernie Germani

      Old Business �
      The parking situation in front of Leuzinger High School on Rosecrans was
      discussed � parking is allowed
      Brent showed pictures and discussed the new Jon�s Market (�What a difference
      a J makes�)
      Discussion of the 3 Barrel trash system � now in place for a year, we seem
      to have adapted. BPNA has forwarded a list of recommendations or talking
      points to improve the system to Kerry Rasmussen at the City.
      Mayor Larry Guidi updated us on new Walgreens � contruction is under way
      after environmental cleanup.
      There was an open floor to discuss parking and traffic problems in the area.
      Some specific complaints that came out were a tree blocking the (new in
      the last year) stop sign at 144th & Doty, various cars parked for extended
      periods of time and the lack of City response to complaint phone calls about
      the cars, 3625 W 146th parked red jeep not moving (Mayor Guidi asked Officer
      Mark Lindbergh to see that it gets towed), Parking by neighborhood outsiders
      on corners of streets (for example 3602 W 146th St corner needs red paint).
      Action Item the entire neighborhood needs �No Parking for Street Sweeping�
      on our new light poles.

      New Business �
      Animal Control Officer Mark Lindbergh advised people of the Micro-Chip
      Service available for pets; the fee is $25.00 for the first animal and
      $20.00 for each additional pet. Animal Control will perform the service at
      your home. Mark will serve the BPNA as City liason.

      There has been a large increase in the rate of residential burglaries in
      late 2004. BPNA response has been multi-pronged:
      Letter to Leuzinger High
      Planned discussion with Sheriff to compare Lawndale crime stats
      Letter to City of Hawthorne requesting better crime stats � this is planned
      as an upgrade to the City�s web page. The Daily Breeze gets an edited list
      of crimes and then re-edits, so it cannot be trusted to publish a complete
      record of crimes in the neighborhood.
      Formation of a Neighborhood Watch: Brenda Lacy-Robert will head it up. She
      spoke about our neighborhood chapter of Neighborhood Watch. The plan of
      action is to 1. be aware of recent crimes 2. know your neighbors, including
      their work & cell phones, their cars, and work schedules, 3. Record or
      Report suspicious happenings so that property can be recovered and thieves

      A Neighborhood Watch sheet was distributed that summarized these ideas and
      provided contact numbers for the City and Emergency Services, inclusing
      Graffiti Removal (thanks for a great program to Lisa Miller, who heads this

      Sgt Gary Tomatani and Lt. Wayne Salmon addressed the audience regarding
      crime in the area. Sgt Tomatani reported that the last 2 months November
      1st through December 31st,there were 15 burglaries in the area, 12 were
      residential burglaries all occurred in the daytime around noon. Lt Salmon
      also came up and introduced Lt Krenshuck (sp?) who was the arresting Officer
      in the action that took place Sunday January 23rd. He reported that 3
      arrests were made (1 gang member confirmed) as a result of a burglary on
      147th Street minutes earlier. He also stated that many South Los Angeles
      gangs are making Bodger Park and other nicer neighborhoods in Gardena and
      Torrance a frequent �stop�. Lt Salmon recommended several types of alarm
      systems. Two false alarms are allowed before the City charges you for
      subsequent false alarms.

      Mayor Guidi addressed the audience as to City Improvement including the
      possibility of a Marshall�s going in at the old Albertsons site and the new
      Gold�s Gym. He had been asked to bring in his �Police� window signs, which
      he did but informed everyone that the phone numbers listed on the back had
      all just been changed as of that day!

      The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.

      Thanks to Kit Carson Elementary School and Dayla Sims for hosting us!

      Respectfully submitted
      Sue Moret
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