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Fw: Planning Commission Agenda for Februrary 6, 2013

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  • Jim & Kathy Radek
    Please read item2 . this I think is bad for us too. ... From: jose@gutierrezforhawthorne.com Subject: Planning Commission
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2013
    Please read item2 . this I think is bad for us too.

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    Subject: Planning Commission Agenda for Februrary 6, 2013
    Date: Tuesday, February 5, 2013, 6:58 PM

    Hello Hawthorne Community Members:

    This coming Wednesday, February 06, 2013 at 6:00 p.m., the Planning Commission will talk about two items that, if approved, will have negative long-term effects on Hawthorne.

    First Item:

    Public Hearing Item A. Zoning Text Amendment 2012ZA09 to permit antique shops, thrift stores, bookstores, and consignment stores.

    Long term effects of this item: This Text Amendment will permanently open the door to thrift shops (i.e. Second-hand stores) and consignment shops (i.e. another term for second-hand store). We must not weaken our municipal code to allow the establishment of stores that will "cheapen" our main thoroughfare.

    My Proposed solution: The City of Hawthorne, through its elected leaders on the City Council, must produce a long-term re-development plan for the Hawthorne Blvd. business district that addresses, among other things, the introduction of quality stores that will serve as a magnet of tax revenue to our City.

    Second Item:

    Municipal Planning Item A. Density Bonus Housing Agreement 20122DBB01, request for 35% Density Bonus and 3 concessions for a 100% low-income mixed use development consisting of 127 units at 14134 Yukon by AMG & Associates LLC.

    Long term effects of this item: This High Density Bonus agreement for 127 low-income housing will only worsen the already congested neighborhood with 127 to 254 additional vehicles that will line heavily congested street parking, will add 254 to 481 additional children to our already congested schools, and will require two additional Police Patrols to cover this large increase in human population.

    My Proposed solution: that the City of Hawthorne impose a moratorium to high density construction within the city limits.  The City of Hawthorne has a large volume of in-place high density housing within a one-mile radius of 14134 Yukon Ave.  The City of Hawthorne must instead work on rebuilding our core business district.  Additionally, our elected City Leaders on the City Council must look for solutions that will increase our sagging property values and bring them in line with prevailing property values of our surrounding beach cities.

    What Can You Do?

    Attend the Planning Commission Meeting and voice your concerns.

    You can also write to to your elected City Leaders, the City Clerk, to the Associate Planner and Planning Director, below:

    Elected Officials:
    Mayor Danny Juarez - djuarez@...
    Councilmember Angie English - aenglish@...
    Councilmember Alex Vargas - avargas@...
    Councilmember Nilo Michelin - nmichelin@...
    Coucilmember Olivia Valentine - ovalentine@...
    City Clerk Norb Huber - cityclerk@...

    Planning Department:
    Planning Director Greg McClain - gmcclain@...
    Associate Planner Chris Palmer - cpalmer@...

    Planning Commissioners:
    Robert Smith, James Cole, Bernard Belonsky, Rula Alshanableh, Christopher Richert.

    Please support me in my quest for a better Hawthorne for our families and future generations.

    Yours in Public Service,

    Jose Gutierrez
    (310) 749-4423

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