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Re: [BodgerPark] Hawthorne and proposed Congressional Redistricting; 7/9/11 Maps

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  • Frances Hennek
    To whom it may concern: I, too, believe Hawthorne is better aligned with the cities to our West and South. I ve lived in Hawthorne for 10 years having moved
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 25, 2011
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      To whom it may concern:

      I, too, believe Hawthorne is better aligned with the cities to our West and South.
      I've lived in Hawthorne for 10 years having moved here from El Segundo.
      My friends are all in South Bay cities - not North or East of Hawthorne.
      Dentist, doctor, nail salon, hair dresser, and Bank  of America are all in South Bay cities. I do not shop in any locations east of where I live nor do I frequent restaurants, drive-thru places or bank in these locations east or north of me.  I drive to Manhattan Beach to grocery shop and visit Home Depot versus Lowe's due to a better location and proximity to other areas I frequent.  I use the 405 versus the 110 as I do not like the areas near it and will purposely go out of my way to avoid areas East of me.  I visit the Social Security office in Torrance versus going to the one in Inglewood and avoid the DMV location near my home. Quite frankly, being a senior citizen I feel much more comfortable and safe in areas to the west and south of where I live.  I have made the south bay cities my community since moving here from Canada and have always felt safe.  
      When moving from El Segundo I chose Hawthorne as many people I worked with at LAX lived in the South Bay and Hawthorne locations.   
      I would very much like to see Hawthorne be part of the South Bay area.  Regardless of the outcome I will not change my habits and would like to see money spent benefitting those businesses I support.
      Thank you for your time and consideration of this matter.  I think it makes sense that we share common congressional representation with our south bay neighbors.

      Frances Hennekam
      Hawthorne (Bodger Park)

      On Jul 25, 2011, at 11:11, Chris Call <myshortcake2004@...> wrote:


      Dear Reader/To whom it may concern:

      I'm writing in regard to proposed redistricting boundaries that pertain to the City of Hawthorne.  It is my belief that Hawthorne's identity is more closely associated with its western and southern neighbors.  

      As a personal example of this, I live in Hawthorne and I work in Hermosa Beach, my daughter plays softball in Del Aire, and our family doctors are all in Torrance.  Thursday night I dined with a friend in Manhattan Beach.  I do grocery shopping in Redondo Beach, and Manhattan Beach.  I recently visited friends in Del Aire.  Since I spend so much of my time in other South Bay cities, it makes sense to me that we would share common congressional representation. 

      Josephine Camisciano-Call
      Hawthorne (Bodger Park)

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