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From Monday night's BPNA General Mtg.

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  • Patricia Lin Hachiya
    Hello all -   The meeting was started Monday night around 6:45pm with announcements.   Costs to run the last two general meetings consisted mainly of
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      Hello all -
      The meeting was started Monday night around 6:45pm with announcements.

      Costs to run the last two general meetings consisted mainly of printing the flyers and there was enough money in the BPNA previous account to pay for the costs. No facility cost was assessed since the 7th Day Adventist church allowed us to use the chapel for free.
      However, the BPNA account is running low, so starting the next meeting (sometimes during the summer), we will be asking for each household to contribute $10-$15 a year to join BPNA and be a voting member. Everyone in the neighborhood will still be able to come to meetings, but only paying households will be able to vote.
      If all goes well, there will be two more meetings this year, one in the summer and one in the fall (Hawthorne candidates forum?). At the summer or fall meeting, we will also being putting forth a sleight of officers for BPNA. If you are interested in being a part of the Steering Committee, please attend the next organizational meeting or email bodgerpark@yahoogroups.com.
      Squeaky wheel gets the oil - if we want to see our neighborhood and the City improve and do well, we need to organize and speak up.
      From City Hall, Councilman Gary Parsons came to provide the following:

      CERT Training for the community - to help train residents on providing assistance in cases of emergencies - such as the predicted "Big One" earthquake that the State has been preparing for. If you are interested, please call 310-349-2904.
      Hawthorne Mall redesign - because the developer has been unable to submit plans that garners the approval of the City Council, Councilman Parsons has suggested that City residents provide feedback on what they would like to see at the mall and what they would support. He asked for examples such as what stores we are interested in, restaurants? How do we feel about homes being developed? The developer will come to our summer meeting and show us conceptual plans.The City can stand to gain a lot of money from retail development and sales tax. It is important that we help to see this redevelopment occur. If people want to email me their suggestions to plhachiya@..., I will submit a letter to the City on behalf of the Bodger Park Neighborhood Association. I would like to do this no later than March 1st.
      From Leuzinger High School, Principal Jim Jobes spoke on several items:

      He is working on creating a Parent Center, much like the Hawthorne Memorial Center, that would help make the school a center of the community.
      Recent bond passage - they are currently trying to sell the bond. About 18 months before any tangible results will happen. Plans on replacing 42 temporary bungalows, building a 2-story State of the Art building for students. Will be conducting outreach to the community regarding design.
      Budget - for next fiscal year, the school district (Centinela Valley?) will be short $9 million - and the school may be laying off as many as 16 teachers.
      Discussed that school gets funding by student attendance. We can call the school if we see truant kids. Current trend, 100-200 students truant on average.
      Lawndale engineer to meet with Principal regarding parking/traffic by 145th and Prairie.
      From Hawthorne Police Dept., Srgt Robbie Williams spoke on the following:

      Commercial/residential burglary in the city up 83%
      Important for us to watch our neighborhood and assist police by calling them. Non-emergency number is 675-4444. Do not give up! Even if not responded to right away.
      Can request neighborhood watch signs from Police dept (his email address is also copied on this email.
      Do not leave valuables in obvious sight. Lock your doors and windows.
      Thanks to all member of the Steering Committee for making this meeting happen - Jim and Kathy Radek, Penny Ross, Brent Morgan, Bob and Karen Fairfield, Alene Garner, John and Nancy Butler, Scott Hachiya.

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