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RE: [BodgerPark] Re: BPNA organizing meeting

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  • Rich Lake
    Thanks for the update, I’m still interested in helping, but I’m still kinda sick. An easy assignment would be ok. Thanks, Rich on 144Th Place ... From:
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 22, 2008
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      Thanks for the update, I’m still interested in helping, but I’m still kinda
      sick. An easy assignment would be ok.


      Rich on 144Th Place

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      Sent: Saturday, November 22, 2008 5:29 PM
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      Subject: [BodgerPark] Re: BPNA organizing meeting

      Hi everyone - here were notes from last night's meeting:

      - Should we put out a sleight of officers at the next general meeting? No,
      best to have steering committee. Can also learn as a group how to run the
      BPNA so that in case any one person has to cut out or take a smaller role,
      there can be continuity.

      - Decided on having quarterly meetings.

      - Next meeting focus on Neighborhood Watch/Public Safety and also ask
      Leuzinger's new principal, Jim Jobs to come.

      - During last flyer distribution, we did not distribute to condos on Yukon
      or homes east of Yukon. Decided that we should also include that area next
      time around. So instead of printing 700-800 flyers, should probably print

      - Decided that it's best to not do bilingual flyers due to expectations that
      meetings may be run bilingually.

      - Decided that we should discuss the submission of dues at the next meeting
      (and also collect?) $15/household. Anyone can still come to meeting but only
      paid members can vote.

      - The church was a good meeting place (and free) and the pastor is happy for
      us to have future meetings there as well.

      - 2/2/09 or 2/9/09 Winter mtg
      - May will be Spring mtg
      - August will be Summer mtg, possibly a picnic/potluck at Bodger Park?
      - End of October will be Fall mtg and Candidate Night (several City offices
      up for re-election)

      - Tentative public hearings to start next year for another Hawthorne Mall
      proposal - for mixed residential/office use, 350 rentals at density of 50
      units per acre. Concerns of density.
      - The Mayor and two city council member seats are up for re-election next
      November. It only takes 20 signatures to get name on ballot and $12,000 to
      $15,000 to run a decent campaign. Somebody said it might be nice to get a
      Bodger Park resident on the ballot even if he/she did not win just so Bodger
      Park can get some more attention from the City.

      - Organizing meeting for the February General meeting will be at John and
      Nancy Butler's home at 3915 W. 148th Street at 7:00pm on January 9, 2008.
      - Pat Hachiya will try to contact Sargeant Steve Romero and Robbie Williams
      to discuss Bodger Park crimes and starting a neighborhood watch.
      - After February date confirmed with the police, Karen Fairfield will
      confirm the church as the location.
      - Nancy Butler will confirm with Leuzinger principal for his attendance at
      the February meeting.

      Anyone is welcome to attend the organizing meeting and be more involved.

      Thanks everyone - have a great Thanksgiving! Pat

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      Date: Friday, November 21, 2008, 8:47 PM

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      #yiv513782046 {

      Transition team members -

      After our meeting tonight I did the following:

      1. On the BPNA email list I removed several email addresses which were
      bouncing since 2007, leaving us with 89 email addresses receiving email

      2. I then sent email list invitations to the following 14 addresses who were
      not already on the list.

      amayaha@... <mailto:amayaha%40aol.com>
      cadeh2002@... <mailto:cadeh2002%40yahoo.com>
      jcanahuaty@... <mailto:jcanahuaty%40yahoo.com>
      lcoleman0517@... <mailto:lcoleman0517%40sbcglobal.net>
      charlydog@... <mailto:charlydog%40att.net>
      gutierrezjc@... <mailto:gutierrezjc%40hollypark.com>
      djackson@... <mailto:djackson%40lawa.org>
      dmead@... <mailto:dmead%40att.net>
      gfnmiller2@... <mailto:gfnmiller2%40aol.com>
      cmoreno@... <mailto:cmoreno%40socal.rr.com>
      will_moreno@... <mailto:will_moreno%40century21.com>
      d_slick@... <mailto:d_slick%40earthlink.net>
      darrenpeterson@... <mailto:darrenpeterson%40hotmail.com>
      budschick303@... <mailto:budschick303%40yahoo.com>

      3. Finally, I've also given Pay Hachiya owner privileges on the BPNA mailing
      Owners list (can delete the group): Brent, Luisa, Pat
      Moderators list (can't deleted the group): the Germanis, Brenda Lacy-Roberts

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