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Bodger Park meeting notes

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  • Patricia Lin Hachiya
    Here s what was on the attachment - but time is changed to July 11th for the meeting. Thanks Luisa - having a blast in Prague - haven t crossed paths with
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2008
      Here's what was on the attachment - but time is changed to July 11th for the meeting. Thanks Luisa - having a blast in Prague - haven't crossed paths with Brent yet.

      Bodger Park Neighborhood Association � Organizational Mtg. 6/20/08

      This meeting was advertised on the Bodger Park Yahoo Groups e-mail distribution list.

      The meeting was started with introductions. 11 attendees were present, including Brent Morgan, former President of the Association, Penny Ross, Vice President of the Association, and Gary Parsons, Hawthorne City Council Member.

      Brent brought a bunch of information to the meeting related to the past operation of the Neighborhood Association. He said that one of the problems of the past was that he did most of the work running the organization and so nobody knew what to do once he unofficially �retired� as President.

      Luisa Mendoza said that she had spoken with Mr. Steve, the principal of Kit Carson Elementary School where the assn. had previously met and he said that insurance was not required. But Brent said that insurance was required to schedule the meeting through the School District Office.

      The group brainstormed on other possible meeting places: 7th Day Adventist Church by Gerkin/Marine, Bodger Park Rec Room, the new Prairie Vista Middle School, American Legion Hall on Prairie.

      The group discussed the need to distribute labor for keeping the assn. alive, share taks, and retaining knowledge for running the organization.

      The Bodger Park subdivision has approximately 790 homes which cost at least $100 two years ago to print flyers for.

      Brent said he had computer files for members and contact list for the assn. and Carol Causey had a flyer distribution list of who helped to distribute flyers.

      The group figured that the bigger general meeting would be most successful if conducted in September or October due to vacations and schools.

      Ideas for helping the assn. be successful:

      Newsletter of local issues

      Self-addressed envelopes for soliciting membership � with description of what the membership dues will go towards

      Figuring out how to make the assn. relevant to people/address people�s needs: social purposes, neighborhood watch, involvement with City Council, engaging city officials, providing feedback to City leaders

      For the next organizational meeting � either 7/11/08 or 7/18/08

      Scott Hachiya said that people usually don�t mind paying small dues but need to be asked to give the money. At the general meetings, should have a can, ask for donations.
      Gary Parsons said when you get the police to come and speak, it brings people out. Have good guest speakers on how to protect your home from burglary, traffic concerns � and put these on the flyer to attract attendees.

      Scott Hachiya asked if businesses can belong to the assn. They can place business membership and advertise in our newsletter. Suggested soliciting nearby businesses to help pay for flyers and insurance and we can put their business ad on the flyer. Also suggested getting a list of addresses through the Assessor�s so we can cross off properties visited. Someone suggested writing a letter to businesses to solicit their interest.

      Penny Ross said renters also have a vested interest in the community. If they want to attend and participate, we should encourage it.

      Gary Parsons suggested another way to solicit future membership is to work with neighborhood realtors such as Brenda Lacy-Roberts to get a list of new people coming into the neighborhood and establish a �Welcome Wagon� of two people. They would go to the new people with a welcome basket of information, coupons for local businesses, etc. and solicit their membership for the assn.

      Things to be done for next meeting:

      Review Bodger Park Neighborhood Assn. By-Laws � is this still applicable or do we have a different purpose for the association? Review the goals and revise. Have membership vote.


      Go to Lawndale Unified School District offices and find out cost of insurance coverage to have 3-4 meetings at Kit Carson Elementary and how to schedule a meeting for October, 2008.


      Send out e-mail on Bodger Park Yahoo Group to find out how many people are on the distribution list and are still interested in the neighborhood assn.


      Bodger Park Neighborhood Assn. was registered as a �not-for-profit� organization. Paperwork to become a nonprofit 501c3 is a lot more tedious. Is the assn.�s status as a not-for-profit still active? Need to check with State.


      Get information on how to get a phone number for the assn. for $10 a month.


      Get information on how to get a Lawndale P.O. Box for the self-addressed envelopes for membership


      Review and organize assn. materials received from Brent Morgan.


      Research local printers for flyers. Double-sided, Spanish/English for 800 flyers.


      NEXT MEETING: July 18 at home of Luisa Mendoza. Discussion will be a review of all information collected and review of Bodger Park Neighborhood Association By-Laws/Mission Statement and organizing October general meeting.

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