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  • lisahaleymusic
    Jul 19, 2014
      A casino in Hawthorne would include:

      ADVERTISING the presence of the casino.
      Continuously - Daily - Everywhere in the area!!

      This encourages people who otherwise might avoid the temptation to gamble to do so... with their grocery money.

      If a resident personally doesn't have a gambling addiction issue, that is good...
      However, to ignore the fact that millions of people do have this problem is unwise.
      The person saying, "it's not my problem" will be the same person complaining when the crime rate increases.
      When casinos come into an area, crimes of theft and violence increase.
      To suggest that the residents of Hawthorne will somehow be "immune" to these problems is not realistic.

      Hollywood Park casino, Hustler casino, both financially strapped for the past several years.
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