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  • lisahaleymusic
    Jul 19, 2014
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      Re: Hawthorne Mall's closing.

      Our "officials" can talk all they want about the "reasons" Hawthorne Mall closed and became the
      embarrassing eyesore it is today - a sad monument to ignoring Mall problems, and poor management.

      According to former employees (including former Security employees,) the REAL reason Hawthorne Mall closed is:

      - Shoplifting by customers was so overwhelming, no store could stay in business.
      The mentality that "store owners are rich, I deserve not to pay for this item" put the whole place out of business.
      Plus constant vandalism.
      Petty jealousy over anyone else succeeding made it so no one succeeded.
      The cost of Security was more than anyone could bear.

      Will we learn from that experience?
      Or are our Hawthorne officials going to insist that we go through it again?

      "If you always do what you always did,
      You'll always get what you always got."
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