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3784Re: [BodgerPark] RE: Rocks & Sand In Water....

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  • Jim & Kathy Radek
    Jan 25, 2014
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      Just wondering if all the water main breaks we have can let the sand & rock get into the mains. Also if our water is coming from wellsw. Or is it coming from the water filtering .  They may use sand to filter the water. Maybe that's were the sand comes from.

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      Subject: Re: [BodgerPark] RE: Rocks & Sand In Water....

      Wow! 2x4 in the pipe?!
      This is a great addition to the case we're building to present to NBCinvestigations.com
      about our Bodger Park water contamination and "mystery triple rate bill in July 2013"

      - neighbor Lisa on 146th

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