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3666Re: [BodgerPark] Looking for a referral

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  • Higush Dear
    Oct 28 4:38 PM
      Hello Kim.

      Yes, it's Higush (Armenian name) Hig is for short.
      Although, I do not know what those reviews said, I can tell you that I was very pleased with their work.  They even moved furniture for me.
      As I said, my late husband, Bill Dear used them for may jobs and you can use his name or my neighbor Bernie Germanis' name who work for him in the past.
      The management company is my employer.  Sunset Floors would not know them.
      Ask for Steve.  They are all very friendly and cooperative people there.

      Good Luck

      Higush Dear
      Dominium Management Corp.
      9629 Brighton Way
      Beverly Hills, California 90210
      (310) 275-9700, ext. 215
      (310) 274-1268, Fax

      On Oct 28, 2013, at 3:48 PM, Kim Parker wrote:


      Thanks so much, Higush (?).  I saw them on Angie's List but the few bad reviews that they received kinda made me back away.  Nice to have someone close recommend them.  I will give them a call right now.  May I use the name of your management company?  Is there anyone specific that you would recommend that I ask for?  I will wait for your response.  But thanks very much, K

      On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 12:25 PM, Higush Dear <higush@...> wrote:

      Ask for Craig.  My late husband, Bill used them for many jobs.  Good luck.

      Sunset Floors
      130 W. Grand 
      El Segundo

      I highly recommend them.  They did an excellent job at my house.  Took old carpeting and the old wood flooring out.  Cleaned floors, treated cement and laid out new hard wood floors and base boards.  Very professional.

      Hig on Doty.

      Higush Dear
      Dominium Management Corp.
      9629 Brighton Way
      Beverly Hills, California 90210

      On Oct 28, 2013, at 12:10 PM, Kim Parker wrote:


      Hello neighbors.  Here's my plight and I'm hoping someone can help me with it.  

      I had a flood in the house ( the cause of which has since been fixed) which ruined flooring in both my dining area and hallway.  I need a company that can remove existing floor cover (carpet, padding, and 12x12  tiles underneath), clean the area, and install new flooring.  I am NOT going to replace this with carpet; linoleum and/or a combination of linoleum and a "wood looking" linoleum product is what I'm thinking.

      The insurance adjuster has also allocated for new casings, floor boards, and the painting of such.  Unfortunately, the flooring folks that I have contacted don't DO that sort of work.  They imply that I should call a contractor, but what contractor is gonna take on that small of a job?  And all of the contractors that I've seen on-line don't sell and install flooring, otherwise I would get a quote for the whole shebang.

      I'm really at my wit's end here.  Any and all suggestions would truly be GREATLY appreciated!  Thanks so much for your time, K

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