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  • Penny Ross
    Oct 16 10:16 PM
      I think we all agree -- posts should pertain to Bodger Park.  But sometimes that involves items citywide or from nearby neighborhoods.  And we may differ in our opinions of which outside items are most of interest to Bodger Park.

      Sometimes it benefits us to have people outside of our neighborhood reading these posts also.  I can think of at least 1 instance where the mayor got involved in a situation posted here. t.  And I especially think that we would want candidates running for city-wide office to be aware of the issues important to us as a neighborhood.

      So how about if we ask candidates for public office to keep their use of this loop to quietly listen and learn about our neighborhood instead of being quick to post?

      And should a candidate overstep her or his bounds, then don't we gain valuable insight into them and their character?  More insight than could be gained strictly from reading the slick campaign materials. 

      I, too, don't want to see this loop co-opted by outside interests, but I would hope we can keep things  as free-flowing as possible with a minimum of rules.

      What do you think?
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