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2937RE: [BodgerPark] FW: Request for comment, Measure CV

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  • Jim & Kathy Radek
    Nov 1 12:09 PM
      If you saw the Dayly Brezze about 2 weeks ago it said the City iof Lawndale won't back CV. And I think the City of Hawthorne isn't supporting CV too. At a  Hawthorne  I belive they voted not to support CV. Part is because if you DON'T live in the school  district you don't pay for the bond. The people in Lennox don't pay or all the kids who don't live in the district don't pay for the bonds.  Also the Wisebrurn school district has a bond to be voted on to start there own high School.If that passies more people not paying for the CV bond.
      --- On Mon, 11/1/10, Brent Morgan <brentamorgan@...> wrote:

      From: Brent Morgan <brentamorgan@...>
      Subject: RE: [BodgerPark] FW: Request for comment, Measure CV
      To: bodgerpark@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Monday, November 1, 2010, 8:39 AM

      I read the response, and it's not surprising that older buildings are not compliant with current codes.  However, that doesn't address my concern that the 2010 Measure CV is a Christmas list - Should Measure CV pass, there is NO plan contained within the Measure, either directly or by reference, that says how the bond funds will be spent other than a wish list ranging from minor deferred maintenance items to completely new buildings.  If I'm being asked to vote on additional annual fees of $30 per $100k of home valuation for the next 30 years, then I'd like to know what I'm voting for.

      This is not a matter of being wiling or unwilling to do the right thing for our students.  I regularly do the right thing for students and I voted for the 2008 Measure CV, also a $98 million bond issue.  This is a matter of preferring to vote for a plan that is well thought out and stated in such a way that there are clear, observable, and achievable goals associated with the nearly $100 million in spending that will take place.


      To: bodgerpark@yahoogroups.com
      From: kevin_schaaf@...
      Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2010 00:36:51 -0700
      Subject: [BodgerPark] FW: Request for comment, Measure CV



      After reading Brent's concerns, I requested some additional information from the Centinela Valley superintendent's office.  Here is the response:

      Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2010 15:53:14 -0700

      From: tvazquez55@...

      Subject: Fw: Request for comment, Measure CV

      To: kevin_schaaf@...

      Hi Kevin,

      I hope the statement below will answer most of the questions you had about Measure CV thank you for willing to do the right thing for our students. 

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      Sent: Fri, October 29, 2010 2:45:11 PM

      Subject: Fw: Request for comment, Measure CV

      Subject: RE: Request for comment, Measure CV

      As I discussed with Rob the buildings at Leuzinger, as well as at

      Hawthorne, and Lawndale High Schools have been evaluated by the design

      professionals, including structural engineers, as part of the due<deleted fro brevity>

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