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2370RE: [BodgerPark] Re: Bodger Park Homeowners' Association

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    Feb 5, 2008
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      It's o.k with me. As long as it's after 6:30pm or weekends
      Brent Morgan <brentamorgan@...> wrote:
      I've been meaning to respond to Pat's original email. Thank you for the reminder, Luisa.

      I've heard from a number of people that they are very much interested in seeing the BPNA continue.

      For the record, I intended to give last year's President the sort of support that she needed to keep the organization going, but I was unable to do so because of work and family demands.

      That's in the past now, and it is time to elect another President and Board who can see us through the coming year.

      I squared us up with Lawndale ESD for the last meeting, but there's a lot of barriers to easily holding meetings at the local school.

      Would people be willing to meet at City Hall?


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      > Hello folks -


      > Were we supposed to have a meeting sometimes in the fall? What's

      going on with that? I heard a rumor that the President moved out of

      the neighborhood. Is that true? Who then is in charge?


      > Pat Hachiya on 144th Place



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      Brent It's this true? We don't have a President anymore?

      We just can't let our BPHA died.. We have been doing so much things

      to let it go like that.

      Luisa 144th st

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