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2342Re: Removal of Weeds and Waste Duty of Tenants and Owners

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  • Katheryne Koelker
    Dec 3, 2007
      --- In BodgerPark@yahoogroups.com, jsls110@... wrote:
      >I don't know if this pertains to the information sent, but....how many
      years can a house be under construction? There's one about mid way on
      the s. block of Doty that has been under construction for several
      years. It is an eyesore, but just don't know if there's any laws, etc.
      regarding this matter.

      > Stewarts on Doty

      We've got a similar situation on our block, about halfway down from our
      house. The house has a red car parked sideways in the driveway.

      I've never seen anyone going in or coming out of that house since we've
      moved in. I don't know if the house is actually occupied, or if the
      cars are there to make it look that way.
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