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  • kschaaf63
    Dec 2, 2007
      I'm sorry I was unable to make the meeting. I'd like to be a part of
      the Neighborhood Watch, and I'm glad to hear that the meeting went
      well. What are Neighborhood Watch members being asked to do? If I
      become a member of the Neighborhood Watch, what does that mean?


      --- In BodgerPark@yahoogroups.com, "luisa794" <familyof1531@...>
      > Wow Brent you surprise me! Thank you, and don't worry, I don't
      > we will delete anyone since we want more people on the web.
      > Kathy thank for coming over, I hope that Jim is better now.
      > I have to thank all my neighbors who attend to our meeting on
      > Friday. It was a great meeting; we had Sergeant Steve, his partner,
      > Angie from the city clerk, and people from other homeowners
      > associations that told us about their problems in their area. They
      > had the same problems as us¬ógang, speeding, tagging and burglars.
      > Now that I mention burglars, I will tell you a small story that I
      > heard from other people. A person didn't know their neighbors and
      > saw a car parked and people taking stuff out of the house. This
      > person didn't know their neighbors so they didn't know that their
      > neighbors were being robbed until the police came. Most of the
      > neighbors stuff was stolen. This is the importance of knowing who
      > your neighbor how many people live in their house. When you see
      > someone that doesn't live there you can call HPD. In our meeting
      > they told us we should start going door to door inviting people to
      > be part of our neighborhood watch, so we will be doing that very
      > soon and hope you won't say no.
      > We also had people from the Vasek Polak Health Clinic telling us
      > that they will be offering flu shot for only $5.00 starting
      > 4th and that will be until supply last. They also said that they
      > will be offering care for those that don't have insurances with a
      > low cost.
      > Thank again to all
      > Luisa
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