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1292Re: [BodgerPark] rust colored water

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    Jun 30, 2006
      Hi Guys my name is Roy,
      I live on 147 st and the corner of prairie.
      I read your e-mails regarding the water issue. I just want to let you guys know that the water in my house has been rust color off and on for the past three weeks. I think there is a bigger issue out there.
      I'm planning to stop by the city on Wednesday to give them information regarding this issue. I'm worry for any health issues that may come if in fact something is wrong with the quality of the water.
      If you guys know more information please let me know.

      Alice <alice@...> wrote:
      Our water is still rust colored too!!

      Alyssia Parks

      Chris Call wrote:
      > Thank you Brent for that information. We have seen them down the
      > street from our house cleaning out the fire hydrant, could that
      > possbily have something to do with it. My water is still a rust color.
      > Is there somebody that I can call?
      > Thanks again Brent.
      > Chris
      > Brent Morgan <brentamorgan@...
      > <mailto:brentamorgan%40hotmail.com>> wrote:
      > Chris -
      > Mine was too the other day. What it most likely means is that there was
      > another water main break somewhere upstream of our houses. If you haven't
      > seen a Bodger Park geyser then you've missed a treat: a column of
      > water 2.5
      > stories high, though ususally there is a quite a bit of seep up
      > through the
      > asphalt beforehand.
      > Sometimes after winter rains you'll see the water company come by and
      > open
      > up a fire hydrant. In that case, I think they are using the high flow
      > rate
      > of the water to scour the supply lines clean. They probably won't do this
      > in summer because the street run-off would be highly contaminated. In
      > winter the streets have already been cleaned by the rain. This is
      > speculative.
      > Brent
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      > >Brent on a separate issue, what's going on with the water, last night
      > there
      > >was a massive amount of water coming down the street. I also noticed
      > that
      > >our water is of a rust color. Do you know anything about that?
      > >
      > > Chris (Kornblum & Marine)
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