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Judy La Pointe
Jul 17, 2012

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Jul 19, 2011

Re: welcome home sign for neighbor returning from Iraq

I talked with Roy this afternoon to affirm all of your thoughts about welcoming home our neighbor on the signboard. Great idea. Balloons sound fabulous, too.
Cindy Lehman
Jan 22, 2010

Re: welcome home sign for neighbor returning from Iraq

Hi All, I agree with Dick. And yes Denise does take care of the signs now, but I can tell you Roy... you could just slip your sign in right over the one that
the wilder's
Jan 22, 2010

Re: welcome home sign for neighbor returning from Iraq

Sounds good to me as well! I believe Denise Jamieson takes care of the sign changes now, so she would be the one to help with the access part. Take Care, Geri
Geri Nuss
Jan 22, 2010

Re: welcome home sign for neighbor returning from Iraq

My vote is just to do it. If a general protocol is needed, then it should be that any military resident of Ridgeland earns the right to have a temporary
Dick Troy
Jan 22, 2010

Re: welcome home sign for neighbor returning from Iraq

Question to all... Chris Stine (3977 Brookridge Drive) returns from duty in Iraq tomorrow (January 22). His wife Denise asked me if we could put a welcome home
Roy Spancake
Jan 22, 2010

[Fwd: Fwd: Ridgeland Homeowners Association]

At the last meeting, I mentioned that Dave Broy was going to send some information on taking care of the trees on the island. He forwarded the one quote he
Dick Troy
Jan 12, 2010

New neighbor info. for next newsletter

Judy, Can you please include this info. in the next newsletter? Thanks, Connie Welcome: Address:3919 Emilridge Pete & Amy Kovach Children: Alex - age 5 Laura -
Rick Rossi
Jun 3, 2009

Re: Silver Brook Common Ground Issue

Ed, I wasn't aware of how the Neighborhood Watch sign came about in the first place, nor do I know why it was removed. My understanding is that the access via
Dick Troy
May 1, 2009

Re: Silver Brook Common Ground Issue

Thanks for the update Dick! I read this in the papers this morning and wondered where this piece land was located. It was mentioned next to the creek, which is
Edmund Kloske
May 1, 2009

Silver Brook Common Ground Issue

Hi Neighbors, You may have notice the following article in this morning's Patriot-News:
Dick Troy
May 1, 2009

Common Ground Issue Redux

I noted the following in the Patriot-News this morning: http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2009/04/hampden_twp_officials_ok_offer.html I spoke with
Dick Troy
May 1, 2009

RCA mtg tonight - Thursday, April 16th @ 7:45pm

Hi neighbors- Our RCA board mtg is scheduled for this evening @ 7:45pm - both incoming and outgoing members. The Lehman home is supposed to be the host site.
Cindy Lehman
Apr 16, 2009

Re: Dr. Harner

Connie, I actually mailed it out yesterday. We were away for Easter and I'm playing catch up. Thanks, Kathleen ... From: Rick Rossi To:
Apr 15, 2009
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