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Re: [BlackmoresNight_USAbyMoonlight] Philly

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    Great Time in PA - and yes AWESOME job by Melissa Arranging the for the Animal Charities!!! also thanks to Dot for the added exitement at the end of toast to
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      Great Time in PA - and yes AWESOME job by Melissa Arranging the for the Animal Charities!!!
      also thanks to Dot for the added exitement at the end of toast to tomorrow...She gave us all "poppers" and it went off perfectly.
      See you in NY - I will not make Mass :(

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      Thanks for posting the setlist Tim.  I have been reliving all the wonderful moments today.  It really was a truly amazing show! 
      I stopped by the PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare) Booth at the end of the night and it appeared as though many fans made contributions.  Lady Melissa is responsible for coordinating that effort to raise money for homeless animals.  (Candice made a point of thanking Melissa during the concert - Great job Melissa!!!)  For anyone making any of the future concerts, Melissa coordinated animal shelters to have a presence at all the shows.  So nice to see the BN fans supporting such a great cause.
      So nice to see all our friends and to meet so many new friends.  I can't wait until tomorrow evening.  I know it will be another amazing night.  See many of you there.  If not there, we'll be seeing you in NYC!  Thanks again to everyone.

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      Date: Monday, October 26, 2009, 6:39 PM

      Hi Alex,

      Great seeing you last night! I agree - Candice, Ritchie and the Minstrels played for 2 1/2 magical hours in Philly!!! High-lights for me were Minstrel Hall, Greensleeves, Toast to Tomorrow, World of Stone, Fires at Midnight, Ghost of a Rose, I Still Remember!!!
      With so many fans dressed in Renaissance garb at the sold-out show, everyone looked fabulous!!! Many thanks to Tim for posting the set list!!!

      On to MA tomorrow night! See you in NYC!

      Lady Melissa

      On Oct 26, 2009, at 5:58 PM, Alex Curtis wrote:

      Wow!  What a show.  Everyone was in great form and so many humorous moments to mix with the wonderful music.  I'm going to miss MA but looking forward to NYC later this week.  Can't wait!!!

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      AMAZING show last night!!! 
      Wonderful seeing everyone - on to MA tomorrow!!!

      On Oct 26, 2009, at 10:37 AM, trzasa wrote:

      Great show in Philly. The show was fantastic. Great to see everyone again... 

      Sunday, October 25, 2009
      Word Café
      Philadelphia, PA

      Locked within the Crystal Ball
      Queen for a Day
      Under a Violet Moon
      Renaissance Faire
      Minstrel Hall
      Home Again
      Diamonds and Rust
      Toast to Tomorrow
      Durch den Wald zum Bachhaus
      World of Stone
      Keys/Carmina/ Drums
      Wish You Were Here
      Ocean Gypsy
      Fires at Midnight
      Ghost of a Rose
      Wind in the Willows
      I Still Remember
      Clock Ticks On

      Tim Rzasa