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Re: Goodbye letter from Lovely_Candice Yahoo Group

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  • Melissa Caterson
    ... On a happier note...Happy December! Melissa ... Greetings All, Sadly, an unhappy soul posted a goodbye letter today announcing the closing of her Yahoo
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2007
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      Greetings All,

      Sadly, an unhappy soul posted a goodbye letter today announcing the closing of her Yahoo group: Lovely_Candice.
      The anger in her letter prompted me to write to Carole Stevens, Management for Blackmore's Night.
      Below is Carole's response.

        On a happier note...Happy December!

      Regarding a posting on your site-sent to me by several upset fans- Here is my response- post it if you chose- as you know- I only give you the truth and the facts-nothing made up-so here it is-
      I'm not a fan of Candice or Blackmore's Night anymore, because there
      are to much bad things that happened.
      Meanwhile I even think, that they're people, who get involved with
      so much good things like to save pets and stuff, but they take the
      money from their fans in such a rude and wrong way.
      Let me explain to you, why I' thinking like that now:
      They take really high prices for their merchandise (like
      the "Japanese Tour Book") I ordered it and at first it became lost
      at the post office, but they sent another one. It wouldn't be a
      problem, things like that happen. But that's not all, because the
      real surprise came, as I opened it. There wasn't a book (By hearing
      the word "book" and seeing the price of 23 bugs I thought of a real
      book of, maybe 20 and more pages), there was a booklet with 7 or 8
      (?) pages. Are they kidding!? 23 bugs for 7 or 8 pages!?----
      Anyone who attends concerts and buys imported materials would know that these books cost us well over $30 to import for our fans -Blackmore's Night actually sell this "tour book" tour collectors at a loss -and I am sorry she was disappointed-

      So, I ordered the Magiquest CD, which came to me and was totally
      broken. They sent a new one.  Blackmore's Night has nothing to do with the magiquest cd-she needs to contact people she bought this from-would she complain to Harrods about something she bought from Macys?

      And finally there was the Paris Moon CD/DVD. Well, first there was
      the promo stuff and the video of Village Lanterne, which
      included : "From the new Paris Moon Bonus CD"--
      We never said the music video was on Paris Moon- many many artists put out music videos that are not on their cds-if we planned to include it we would have specified this-it was a music video to promote a song-like millions of others do in this industry-This is  a record company decision-not a Blackmore's Night decision-

      So, of course, I ordered the Paris Moon CD/DVD, but there was no
      fucking video on it. So, I ordered it from an another seller, but it
      was the same shit, so WHY the hell are they lying like that???-
      They should say something like "only available on the later
      releasing CD/DVD" but not such shit like "oh, it's on the fucking
      CD/DVD", that sucks!
      Of course, I didn't get any answer from the management to my
      question, because they only send answers to mails which include
      compliments and not to sad stuff, oh, that sucks so much, I can't
      believe it…------------------------------How about writing to the correct management? I have never heard from her- I don't know who she is writing to-but not to Blackmore's Night management-
      this unhappy lady makes me sad to think that she was taken advantage of-but certainly not by anything we did or said- She can certainly chose her own path-and decide for herself who she choses to enjoy-but please don't blame people that are only caring about their fans and their music-That is unfair!
      Carole Stevens
      Management for Blackmore's Night

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