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The Irish Modal Haplotype of NW Ireland

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      DYS 393DYS 390DYS 19/394DYS 391DYS 385aDYS 385bDYS 426DYS 388DYS 439DYS 389-1
      DYS 392DYS 389-2DYS 458DYS 459aDYS 459bDYS 455DYS 454DYS 447DYS 437DYS 448
      DYS 449DYS 464aDYS 464bDYS 464cDYS 464dDYS 460GATA H4YCA IIaYCA IIbDYS 456
      DYS 607DYS 576DYS 570CDY aCDY bDYS 442DYS 438DYS 531DYS 578DYS 395S1a
      DYS 395S1bDYS 590DYS 537DYS 641DYS 472DYS 406S1DYS 511DYS 425DYS 413aDYS 413b
      DYS 557DYS 594DYS 436DYS 490DYS 534DYS 450DYS 444DYS 481DYS 520DYS 446
      DYS 617DYS 568DYS 487DYS 572DYS 640DYS 492DYS 565DYS 461DYS 462GATA A10
      DYS 635GAAT1B07DYS 441DYS 445DYS 452DYS 463
      Last name:Modal R-One-B -- NW Irish Variety
      Variant last names:Modal   
      Tested with:Family Tree DNA
      Contact person:David Wilson     Contact this user

      Most distant known paternal ancestor on the direct male line

      First Name:
      Last Name:
      Year Born:
      Year Died:
      Country of Origin:Unknown

      Additional information about Paternal Line:
      As of 4 March 2006, this haplotype is known to belong to haplogroup R1b1c7, defined by SNP M222. This is a MODAL haplotype for a distinctive subset of Haplogroup R1b that is found predominantly in NW Ireland and Lowland Scotland. It is not the haplotype of a specific individual. A research team from Trinity College Dublin that identified this pattern based on values at DYS390 and DYS392 called it the Irish Modal Haplotype. This pattern is thought by the TCD team to be the signature of the Ui Neill kings of Northern Ireland and perhaps to indicate descent from the fifth century warlord Niall of the Nine Hostages. The modal values presented here were determined from haplotypes in the Ysearch and SMGF data bases and in the FTDNA R1b1c7 project. Updated 19 Feb 2007 to include values for all 67 markers tested by FTDNA. The modal value of CDYa was changed from 37 to 38 to reflect current statistics of the R1b1c7 Project.

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