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Release 5.78

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  • Rob Nagler
    Revision 5.78 2008/02/07 21:43:53 nagler * Bivio::BConf MIME map added Bivio map * Bivio::Biz::ListModel set_cursor allows -1 as cursor; reset_cursor calls
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2008
      Revision 5.78 2008/02/07 21:43:53 nagler
      * Bivio::BConf
      MIME map
      added Bivio map
      * Bivio::Biz::ListModel
      set_cursor allows -1 as cursor; reset_cursor calls set_cursor(RESET_CURSOR)
      added save_excursion
      * Bivio::Biz::Model::RealmMail
      added get_rfc822 & get_mail_part_list
      * Bivio::Biz::Model::User
      keep RealmOwner.display_name in sync with User->format_full_name
      * Bivio::Biz::Model
      add comment to do_iterate
      * Bivio::Biz::PropertyModel
      load_auth_user dies if doesn't load
      * Bivio::Delegate::SimpleTaskId
      sort components so base is first
      * Bivio::Delegate::SimpleWidgetFactory
      added StringArray
      * Bivio::IO::Config
      remove warning
      * Bivio::MIME::Type
      * Bivio::Mail::Incoming
      added get_reply_email_arrays
      initialize allows object which can(get_rfc822)
      * Bivio::Mail::Outgoing
      added quoted-printable encoding
      upgraded imports
      * Bivio::PetShop::BConf
      version 4
      deprecated_text_patterns is off in version 4
      * Bivio::PetShop::Facade::PetShop
      example_background is white (violet too hard to deal with)
      * Bivio::PetShop::Test::PetShop
      added next_message_id
      * Bivio::SQL::ListQuery
      don't add n= if at or before first page
      fix format_uri_for_this_child to accept ListQuery.order_by in $this_row
      * Bivio::SQL::Support
      show the model class name in the column alias warning
      don't die() if 'class' is missing from decl - used for debugging only
      * Bivio::Test::Language::HTTP
      fixed send_email to not make regexps into emails
      deprecated_text_patterns is off in version 4
      * Bivio::Test::Request
      unsafe_get_captured_mail greps txn_resources and no longer uses
      * Bivio::Test::Unit
      use IO.File
      added builtin_remote_email
      * Bivio::Test::Util
      don't split output between test name on "ok"
      * Bivio::Type::DisplayName
      return empty values for first/last/middle if not parsed
      * Bivio::Type::Enum
      added as_uri()
      * Bivio::Type::MailSubject
      added EMPTY_VALUE as constant (NO Subject)
      * Bivio::Type::StringArray
      from_literal_validator was not being called
      * Bivio::UI::Color
      * Bivio::UI::DateTimeMode
      default is DATE_TIME in v4
      * Bivio::UI::FacadeComponent
      * Bivio::UI::HTML::Widget::FormField
      added row_class
      * Bivio::UI::HTML::Widget::Link
      misc fix
      * Bivio::UI::HTML::Widget::Tag
      tag_if_empty defaults to true if the value is constant empty string ('')
      * Bivio::UI::Text::Widget::CSV
      AUTOLOAD vs_text
      undo prev change, because may be used in non-view environments
      * Bivio::UI::View::Tuple
      fixed pre_compile
      * Bivio::UI::View::UserAuth
      general_contact_mail: don't cc user, because could be used as spam engine
      * Bivio::UI::XHTML::Widget::FormFieldLabel
      added "label" as extra class to label_ok and label_err
      * Bivio::UI::XHTML::Widget::Pager
      added want_sep
      * Bivio::UI::XHTML::Widget::WikiText
      use Mail.RFC822
      * Bivio::UI::XHTML::Widget::XLink
      base fix
      * Bivio::Util::SQL
      change order of petshop backups
      create_test_user returns user_id
      cleaned up imports
      * Bivio::Util::TestRealm
      name_args replaces arg_list
      * Bivio::Util::Wiki
      removed extraneous file write
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