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Release 5.12

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  • Rob Nagler
    Revision 5.12 2007/07/09 02:48:30 nagler * Bivio::Type::StringArray- from_literal now always returns an instance, even if the initial value is undef. This
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2007
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      Revision 5.12 2007/07/09 02:48:30 nagler
      * Bivio::Type::StringArray->from_literal now always returns an instance,
      even if the initial value is undef. This enables null object
      comparisons. The Tuple code was fixed to support this change.
      * Bivio::Agent::Request->with_realm_and_user added
      * Bivio::UI::Widget->obsolete_attr added
      * Bivio::UI::Widget::MIMEEntity->header_as_string removed.
      mail_headers and mime_entity added. Now supports nested
      MIME::Entities properly.
      * Bivio::UI::Widget::Join subclass of ControlBase
      * Widget is now a default class map
      * Bivio::UI::Mail::Widget::Message.want_aol_munge is obsolete. Module
      significantly refactored.
      * Bivio::UI::Widget::After prints value "after" only if main value is
      * Bivio::UI::HTML::Widget::FormField uses Widget.After to print :
      * Bivio::Agent::Task->handle_*_task are now just like regular task
      items. All behavior is encapsulated by execute_items including
      throwing FORBIDDEN exceptions. As such, these handlers may return
      "next" actions and control the execution flow of the task in
      addition to throwing exceptions. handle_*_task have an API change
      that passes the task they are executing.
      * Bivio::Test::Language::HTTP->save_excursion added
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