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Release 4.33

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  • Alex Viggio
    * Bivio::Agent::Request- unsafe_get_txn_resource added * Bivio::Biz::Model::BlogCreateForm class added * Bivio::Biz::Model::BlogEditForm class added *
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2006
      * Bivio::Agent::Request->unsafe_get_txn_resource added
      * Bivio::Biz::Model::BlogCreateForm class added
      * Bivio::Biz::Model::BlogEditForm class added
      * Bivio::Biz::Model::BlogList class added
      * Bivio::Biz::Model::BlogRecentList class added
      * Bivio::Biz::Model::MailPartList->load_from_content added
      * Bivio::Biz::Model::RealmFile added search_class hook,
      corrected handle_rollback, use files instead of holding content in
      memory, use internal_get_target values return so can be used in
      internal_post_load_row in BlogList, added unauth_load_by_os_path and
      removed old_filename
      * Bivio::Biz::PropertyModel->default_order_by added for iterate
      * Bivio::Delegate::SimpleTypeError added BLOG_TITLE/FILE/BODY errors
      * Bivio::IO::File->absolute_path and unique_name_for_process added
      * Bivio::IO::Ref handle scalar case in nested-*, added
      nested_contains which shares code with nested_differences.
      Refactored nested_differences into parts, and added ability to use
      CODE to compare results
      * Bivio::Test::FormModel added commit, rollback and random_string to
      builtin functions
      * Bivio::Test::Unit model(Model, query) returns model in all three
      cases, added expect_contains, assert_contains, model, commit,
      rollback, random_string, read_file and write_file
      * Bivio::Type::AccessMode class added
      * Bivio::Type::BlogBody class added
      * Bivio::Type::BlogContent class added
      * Bivio::Type::BlogFileName class added
      * Bivio::Type::BlogTitle class added
      * Bivio::Type::Enum->as_xml added
      * Bivio::Type::FilePath added *_FOLDER
      * Bivio::UI::HTML::Widget::DateTime removed NS3 hack
      * Bivio::UI::HTML::Widget::Form proper method (downcase) and
      trailing />
      * Bivio::UI::HTML::Widget::JavaScript removed VERSION code
      * Bivio::UI::HTML::Widget::Script style must have type=
      * Bivio::UI::HTML::Widget::ScriptOnly style must have type=
      * Bivio::UI::HTML::Widget::Style style must have type=
      * Bivio::UI::HTML::Widget::StyleSheet style must have type=
      * Bivio::UI::XHTML::ViewShortcuts allow List() for vs_paged_list
      * Bivio::UI::XHTML::Widget::WikiStyle style must have type=
      * Bivio::UNIVERSAL->my_caller added
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