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For those of you working Morgan County Kentucky lines- from the Stamper Family Project databases

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    Stamper Family Project Early Kentucky Marriages Extracted with permission by Norma Adams, November, 1997 ... Specific Location not cited.... Laodica Stamper,
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      Stamper Family Project

      Early Kentucky Marriages
      Extracted with permission by Norma Adams, November, 1997
      Specific Location not cited....

      Laodica Stamper, 25 & Thomas K. Tutt, 26 5/4/1854

      Julian Stamper, 22 & John W. Williams 24, 1/25/1855

      Mary Stamper 18, & John S. Baker, 27, 5/10/1856

      William M. Stamper 25, & Rachael Lacy, 25 3/17/1856

      Richard Stamper, 35 & Gilly Ann Jones, 35 7/9/1857

      Henry Stamper, ? & Mary Jane ? 19 4/12/1858

      James M. Stamper, 23 & Jane Amyx, 17 10/12/1858



      Extracted with permission by Norma Adams, November, 1997

      James Stamper & Marinda Gose (Cox) 1834

      John Stamper & Tabitha Jones 11/7/1833

      John Stamper & Lucinda Kash 1/24/1832

      James Stamper & Rebecca Osbourn 3/24/1833


      Allied Lines (not Stampers)

      This Report was last updated December 13, 1997

      From an unpublished manuscript by David May. Donated to the Taulbee Family Disscussion Group and USGenWeb by David May <DMay77055@...> and posted with his permission. Permission also granted for posting of this file to USGenWeb. These files may be freely used, but may not be sold nor included in any document to be sold. From: moravia@...
      KY-footsteps Wednesday, 10 December 1997 Volume 01 : Number 304

      ***Warning*** about 1851 or 1852, the format will change and Groom and Bride will be listed in the same column. The Column where the bride is listed for the earlier records will then contain the names of the witnesses.

      Abbreviations used are:

      MSNC/R - Ministers statement not completed or returned.

      L - after the date is the license date not the marriage date.



      January 1, 1834 William Davis Elizabeth Cockrell Thomas Nickell

      January 19, 1834 Travis Kendall Elizabeth Roberts (Can't Read)

      February 12, 1834 Nathan Mays Rachel Howard William H Kendall

      March 6, 1834 Isaac J Nickell Polly Ann Oakley Joseph Nickell

      March 9, 1834 Joseph Adkins Nancy Adkins William H Kendall

      March 27, 1834 Richard Oakley Cynthia Carter Joseph Nickell

      April 3, 1834 Joseph Spradlin Jane Bays Ezekiel Stone

      April 23, 1834 Richard Mays Hanna Brown William H Kendall

      May 4, 1834 Lewis Henson Sarah DeHart Elias Johnson

      May 4, 1834 Thomas May Mary Ann Shultz Samuel Jackson

      May 18, 1834 William Gray Polly Sword William H Kendall

      May 19, 1834 William B Young Isabella Shropshire Jesse Cassity

      May 25, 1834 David Conley Celia Jones J Hannah

      June 21, 1834 Joseph Loggins Rachel Phipps Joseph G Nickell

      (1834 date shown as year on license too.)

      July 9, 1834 James Burton Mahala Bailey Elijah Coffee

      July 10, 1834L Isaiah Conley Suzanna Carty Thomas Williams

      (the minister did not state date of marriage on his return)

      July 12, 1834L Reuben Coffee Nancy Cooper MSNC/R

      July 17, 1834L Whitt last name of groom is all that can be read, MSNC/R, ink has faded out.

      July 24, 1834 Isaac B Dewitt Amanda Ward Joseph G Williams

      July 24, 1834 Lemuel Ward Hannah Ramey Joseph G Williams

      August 4, 1834L James Bailey Eliza Osbourn MSNC/R

      September 11, 1834 Joseph Lawson Susanna Lunsford Elijah Coffee

      October 19, 1834 Newton Peyton Elizabeth Gevedon Thomas Nickell

      October 30, 1834 John Rice Anna White Samuel (Unknown)

      November 4 , 1834 John Minix Mahala Adams Elijah Coffee

      November 16, 1834 John Henry Elizabeth Lewis William Coffee

      November 19, 1834 Robert Cottle Hannah Day Jesse Cassity

      November 20, 1834 James Stamper Amanda Cox Joseph Nickell

      December 4, 1834 William Day Elizabeth Abram Thomas Nickell

      December 7, 1834 Gabriel DeHart Patsy Henson Elias Johnson

      December 9, 1834 John Morgan Nancy Lacy Thomas Nickell

      December 8, 1834L Thomas Ward Nancy Rose MSNC/R

      December 15, 1834L Henry Maddox Nancy Arnett MSNC/R

      December 17, 1834 Stephen Arnett Eliza Gullett Mason Williams

      December 25, 1834 Harrison Lewis Elizabeth Henry Joseph Nickell


      January 1, 1837 Jackson Stamper Matilda Tutt Thomas Nickell

      January 3, 1837 Isaac Cassity Lucinda Ellington Jesse Cassity

      January 18, 1837L Harrison Kidd Mary Letey MSNC/R

      January 10, 1837 David Arnett Lydia Gullett Wallis Bailey

      January 29, 1837 Martin White Evaline Adkins William H Kendall

      February, 1837 Robert Ramey Lucy Tipton James Nickell

      (No marriage date listed)

      February 6, 1837L Harrison Swango Anna Rose MSNC/R

      February 7, 1837 Lemuel Prater Lucinda Wells Ramey Maxey

      February 10, 1837 Edward Utterback Ruth E Alfrey Joseph G Williams

      February 11, 1837 James Benson Nancy Hunt Ramey Maxey

      March 1, 1837L James Lemaster Sally Burchett MSNC/R

      March 14, 1837 Lewis Patrick Lucy Adams Wallis Bailey

      March 16, 1837 John Wrenn Elizabeth Pritchett William H Kendall

      March 20, 1837 John V Lemaster Rebecca Lemaster Benjamin Carroll

      March 22, 1837 William Childers Eliza Patrick Thomas Nickell

      April 1, 1837 Andrew Moppin Cyntha Ward Thomas Nickell

      April 3, 1837L Joseph Howard Emivian Hunter MSNC/R

      April 20, 1837 William Ramey Piety Adkins William H Kendall

      April 21, 1837 Joseph Abbott Rebecca Adams Jesse Cassity

      May, 1837 Thomas Cooper Rebecca Jones Joseph Nickell

      May 15, 1837L Marrs McGee Lydia Louder William H Kendall

      (Marriage date not shown)

      May 17, 1837 John Birchfield Frances J Porter William H Kendall

      May 23, 1837 Ambrose Craig Nancy Ripley Charles Little

      May 31, 1837 Washington Stamper Nancy Nickell John B Stamper

      June 8, 1837 John E Brown Catherine Howard Eli Howard

      June 20, 1837 Edward Harmon Mary Dunn John Rose

      July, 1837 Joel Toliver Lucy Larkin Joseph Nickell

      July 16, 1837 Edmond Patrick Amanda Ramey John B Stamper

      August 8, 1837L John Conley Jane Day MSNC/R

      August 9, 1837L Elijah Ensign Darcus Nickell MSNC/R

      August 10, 1837 William Frisby Polly Day Ramey Maxey

      August 29, 1837 Samuel Haddix America Wilson Benjamin Caudill

      September 4, 1837 John Ferguson Nancy Howerton John Williams

      September 29, 1837 Perry Cooper Irena Coffee William Coffee

      September 21, 1837 William Deal Margaret Lewis John B Lawhorn

      September 28, 1837 John Colvin Lucinda Mahan Jesse Cassity

      October 2, 1837 Jilson McGuire Sarah Keeton William Coffee

      October 11, 1837 Samuel Strong Jane Stambaugh John B Lawhorn

      October 17, 1837 Tracy Cole Mariah Collins Isaac Wilbourn

      November 13, 1837 John Lykins Cynthia Howerton William Lykins

      November 25, 1837 Samuel Womack Susan A Farrish Mason Williams

      November 24, 1837 Thomas Ramey Malinda Murphy Joseph Nickell

      December 6, 1837 Joseph Loggins Susanna Hussey Jesse Cassity

      December 29, 1837 Phillip Pritchett Margaret Day Isaac Wilbourn


      January 11, 1838 Thomas Havens Marcina Leach Ramey Maxey

      January 14, 1838 Benjamin Gevedon Mary Ann Leach Ramey Maxey

      January 30, 1838 Lott Adams Rebecca May Wallis Bailey

      February 4, 1838 Hiram King Elizabeth Stamper Ramey Maxey

      February 15, 1838 William Elam Mary Cottle W Cottle

      February 22, 1838 Peter Amyx Daney Caskey Joseph Nickell

      March 1, 1838 Washington Oldfield Jane Gillman Ramey Maxey

      March 10, 1838 Eli Pieratt Githavis Nickell Ramey Maxey

      March 22, 1838 Gardner Dyer Sally Kash Isaiah Cottle

      March 22, 1838 Napoleon B Oakley Mary Steel Ramey Maxey

      March 23, 1838 John Banks Hanna Watkins Charles Little

      March 29, 1838 Abraham Ingram Iziam Ward Joseph Nickell

      April 11, 1838L L Houston Mary Adkins MSNC/R

      April 17, 1838 Fowler Nickell Nancy Brown Elijah Coffee

      April 18, 1838 John Keeton Sarah Stephens Isaac F Wilbourn

      April 22, 1838 Miles Murphy Libby O Hair Charles Little

      April 26, 1838 George W Goodpaster Elizabeth Oakley Ramey Maxey

      April 30, 1838 Absolom Hughes Elizabeth Igo

      May 27, 1838 James Haney Levina Stacy William Lykins

      June 5, 1838 Mason Gullett Polly Gore Wallis Bailey

      June 7, 1838 Peter Lykins Evelina Stacy William Lykins

      June 10, 1838 Daniel Brown Rebecca Easterling Thomas Easterling

      June 24, 1838 Wiley J Coffee Elizabeth Brown Jesse Cassity

      July 25, 1838 James Haney Jane Wells William Lykins

      July 25, 1838L David Trimble Polly Jane McGuire MSNC/R

      July 29, 1838 John Day Elizabeth McKenzie John Mynheir

      August 5, 1838 Solomon Lewis Sarah Adkins J P Kendall

      August 12, 1838 Elijah Collins Darcus Nickell Eli Howard

      September 27, 1838 John Coffee Martha Bays Elijah Coffee

      October 19, 1838 George W Bays Sally May L May

      October 18, 1838 Spencer Hall Synthtann Williams Joseph Hannah

      November 15, 1838 Alexander Waldeck Rhoda Ann Maxey Ramey Maxey

      December 7, 1838 John Dixon Peggy Barker

      December 7, 1838 Solomon Lewis Sarah Adkins J P Kendall

      December 10, 1838 Zachariah Pritchett Elizabeth Lewis Isaac Wilbourn

      December 18, 1838 Fielden Peridland Mary Thomas L F Wilbourn

      December 23, 1838 Samuel Hardwick Mary Hughes Charles Little

      December 23, 1838 John Murphy Sally Rose Charles Little

      December 27, 1838 Valentine Pieratt Dulcena Nickell Ramey Maxey


      January 3, 1839 Thomas L Day Perlina Caskey Isaiah Cottle

      January 10, 1839 Mason P Williams Pricilla Patrick Benjamin Caudill

      January 12, 1839 Stephen Dennis Luantia Perry Joseph Nickell

      January 15, 1839L Patrick W Jones Nicy Barnett MSNC/R

      January 28, 1839 George S Steel Carry Armstrong John Williams

      February 4, 1839L Presley A Howard Lucinda Brown MSNC/R

      February 21, 1839 Frank Lewis, Jr. Mary Peyton Joseph Nickell

      March 4, 1839 Josiah Havens Jane Stamper Joseph Nickell

      March 9, 1839 John Rose Nancy Phipps Uriah Cottle

      March 28, 1839 John Pritchett Polly Ann Day J P Kendall

      May 16, 1839 James W Gooch Sally Perry (Unknown) Williams

      May 30, 1839 William Lawson Lotty Ingram R W McCormick

      June 2, 1839 Reuben Howard Nancy Arnett W Coffee

      June 5, 1839 Isaac Brown Polly Adkins L F Wilbourn

      June 20, 1839 William H Click Sally Whitt L F Wilbourn

      June 21, 1839 Isaac Ellington Matilda Cassity W Cottle

      June 28, 1839 Jonathan Eldridge Polly Griffith I H Hannah

      July 4, 1839 Wiley Prater Polly Coffee W Coffee

      July 4, 1839 James Williams Sally Coffee W Coffee

      July 19, 1839 Clarkson Elliott Elizabeth Craig J P Kendall

      (License reads Craig - Minister says Elizabeth Lewis)

      August 20, 1839 Elijah Cantrill Mary Dulin Mason Williams

      August 21, 1839L William Brown Sophiah Hewitt MSNC/R

      September 9, 1839L James Tackett Nancy Blevins MSNC/R

      September 19, 1839 David Lykins Lavisa Day John Williams

      September 24, 1839L Isaac Day Rebecca Brown MSNC/R

      October 8, 1839 Thomas Rose Martha Ingram Ramey Maxey

      December 5., 1839 William Kendall Elizabeth Wheatley J P Kendall

      December 6, 1839 James Rose Henrietta McGuire Charles Little

      December 13, 1839 Abraham Betts Belinda Day L F Wilbourn



      I do not know who to give credit to, as I found this in my "old" folder of STAMPER stuff and there is no name attached. There is, however, occasional notations as to the bride or grooms parents (not in my handwriting). While a few of these are duplicates of records reported in another document we published earlier entitled "Early Kentucky & Morgan Co, KY", this list includes many more entries and cites (in most cases) the location of the original source records.

      Amelia Caroline Stamper 11-26-1852 David B. Rose, 1-126
      Andrew B. Stamper 07-09-1877 Loucinda J. Kincannon

      Caroline Stamper 05-28-1866 Samuel Stacy

      Carter Stamper 08-10-1889 Mary M. Perry

      Carter Stamper 01-01-1897 Clarinda McClurg

      Delorum Stamper 03-12-1895 Ella Brewer

      Elizabeth Stamper 02-04-1838 Hiram King, 1-42

      Elizabeth Stamper 12-24-1846 John Frisby, 1--81

      Elizabeth Stamper 04-11-1861 G. W. Carter

      F. T. Stamper 09-05-1887 A. L. Peyton

      George Stamper 09-07-1840 Jane Nickell, 1-52

      George Ann Stamper 12-16-1889 William Callahan

      George H. Stamper 05-18-1850 Anna Robertson, 1-105

      Harlen Stamper 01-05-1898 Clella L. Carter

      Jackson Stamper 01-01-1837 Matilda Tutt, 1-38

      James Stamper 03-21-1833 Rebecca Osborn, 1125

      James Stamper 08-09-1833 Margaret Burton, 1-26

      James Stamper 11-20-1834 Marinda Cox, 1-30 (another source lists the Bride's name as Amanda Cox)

      James Stamper 08-12-1840 Mariah Hammons, 1-51

      James Stamper 07-31-1884 Huldah Perry

      Jane Stamper 03-14-1839 Josiah Havens, 1-46

      Jefferson Stamper 01-20-1842 Elizabeth Gillmore, 1-57 (another source lists the bride's name as Elizabeth Gilliam)

      John A. Stamper 01-16-1832 Lucinda Kash, 1-21

      John B. Stamper 11-07-1833 Tabitha Jones, 1-27

      John W. Stamper 01-11-1879 Lucinda Wyatt

      Joseph Stamper 09-24-1892 Mollie C. Caskey

      Juliann Stamper 01-25-1855 John W. Williams, 1-140

      Loudecia Stamper 04-26-1854 Thomas Tutt, 1-137

      Lucinda Stamper 10-14-1858 Cap A. Jackson

      Mahala Stamper 09-09-1874 Wesly Hunt

      Martha Stamper 07-28-1859 Henrp J. Epperhart

      Martha J. Stamper 03-27-1856 Joseph H. Nickell, 1-153

      Mary Stamper 03-05-1853 William Byrd, 1-127

      Mary Stamper 10-24-1891 Francis Dyre

      Mary Ann Stamper 05-10-1856 John S. Barker, 1-151

      Mary Jane Stamper 05-01-1884 J. F. Havens

      Matilda Stamper 04-13-1855 John Perry 1-141

      Matilda Stamper 02-11-1857 William Robertson, 1-156

      Melinda Stamper 06-07-1853 William Haynes, 1-129

      Nancy Stamper 08-07-1835 William Congleton, 1-33

      Nancy Stamper 12-28-1857, Elsbery Stacy

      Nancy E. Stamper 10-28-1852 Icariah Wallace, 1-123

      Rachel Stamper 12-10-1844 Henry Pratt, 1-69

      Richard Stamper 07-09-1857 Gilliann Jones, 1-160

      Roseline Stamper 06-01-1876 Gardner L. Blair

      Rosilla Stamper 12-26-1863 B. P. Peyton

      Sally Stamper 12-04-1836 William Tutt, 1-37

      Sarah Stamper 12-09-1849 John E, Bays, 1-102

      S. B. Stamper 07-05-1890 Jennie Nickell

      Thomas H. Stamper 03-11-1886 JoAnn Goodpaster

      Washington Stamper 05-31-1837 Nancy Nickell, 1-40

      William M. Stamper 03-16-1856 Rachel Lacy, 1-150

      William M. Stamper 05-04-1876 Aanda J. Lewis

      W. T. Stamper 02-14-1889 Emma J. Sebastian

      Researching Mayo, Bishop, Bischoff, Bandy, Whittlesey, Crawford, Miller, Maxwell.......

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