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Fwd: Vaux's hit high total last evening

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    Chirp, Greg and Elizabeth Bohn tallied 1,187 Vaux s Swifts hitting the bricks inside the Johnson s Auto Glass chimney last night. Sunset was at 7:04 pm and
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 21, 2013

      Greg and Elizabeth Bohn tallied 1,187 Vaux's Swifts hitting the bricks inside the Johnson's Auto Glass chimney last night.  Sunset was at 7:04 pm and the first swift entered at 7:02.  It appears the heavy dark clouds at sunset may have hastened entry...the last entry was at 7:22.
      Below is a recap of a Tweeters post by Vaux's Happening Coordinator Larry Schwitters regarding the Monroe school chimney that is equipped with a camera to help document swift activity inside.  Of interest, he comments on the morning departure time of the swifts and the effect of rain on entry time.
      Yesterday 900 Vaux's Swifts left their Monroe Wagner roost site at 10:36 am, which is the earliest I've caught their departure in August.
      A first look at 8:08 this morning shows just 25 birds.  Is that all that spent the night? 

      Not really. Last night Cindy Easterson clicked off 1478 as they just beat (to the minute) a rain storm. I said goodnight to what looked like 1500 small birds near the beginning of our new day (comment by Rich - I assume Larry was up late and checked the camera feed just after midnight). If anyone was watching early this morning, would you let us know what time they left.

      So what was the motivation for the early fly out? Maybe those birds were serious enough about heading south to get an early start.

      Today is Vaux's Happening's BIG SATURDAY were we get a snapshot of the nominate sub-species total global population. We know there were Vaux's Swifts at roost sites from Everett to San Diego Wednesday.

      Watch 25 swifts hanging from bricks at    http://staging.wildearth.tv/pl...

      Larry Schwitters
      Not so swift
      P S  Weather looks decent for this evening, if you want to see a Vaux's event, try the parking lot behind Johnson's Auto Glass this evening.  Beat our 7:02 sunset for the pregame show!
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